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Originally Posted by hot_turkey_ed
I'm cramming hard for Thursday night... I'm finding I know most of what I need to know... you're right on the money with the shortness thing.. there be two sets... but it's not THAT long a show...

Like everyone, I'm already thinking about the tracks they're not going to play..
Don't worry about the length. The first set is too short, but Mindcrime is longer then you'd think. There are some extended parts and whatnot, it's not really too short of a show.

I agree about the track thing. It wasn't too bad though. There were some songs I don't really like on the list like "The Whisper" and "Last Time In Paris" - but they're hard not to enjoy live. Plus they really did put a lot of effort into each song, so they were all great, even if there were songs I would've rather heard. Plus you just can't go wrong with Operation: Mindcrime, and all the changes they made to it (there's not really that many) were for the better. It's a very cool stage show too.
2/24 - The Foundry
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