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Originally Posted by ADD
Well, with the band's European tour coming to close in a couple of weeks, looking back at the setlist from this show and comparing it to reviews/setlists from other shows they played since the May 4th (ouch, just realized I put the wrong fucking date in the title ) Oakland show, I would say that I got to see one of the best shows all tour. Many of the other ones experienced technical difficulties, and Maynard was sick for most of their East Coast leg so they had to cut many songs. Also, the only new inclusion (except in Phoenix, where they got "Lipan Conjuring" in addition to the set I posted here, making it the best setlist of any show this tour) for any of the shows has been "Right In Two", and they have only started playing it because they dropped "Eon Blue Apocalypse/The Patient" and "The Pot", and at some shows they've even dropped "Sober' and "Lost Keys" while putting "Rosetta Stoned" somewhere in the middle of the set. Therefore I feel extra fortunate to have seen the show that I saw. I am also really surprised at how the majority of the Euro-setlists have been even shorter......I thought that only the N.A tour was the "warm-up" tour I just hope that this doesn't mean a similar length gig when they do the big arena shows in the fall.

I was prompted to post this follow-up to the tour so far after listening to the Lateralus vinyl, which is absolutely mindblowing and worth going out to buy a record player just to hear it alone
Fixed the title.
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