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Originally Posted by HUNGER OF THE UNDEAD
This setlist is so weak it isnt funny! Nothing from KIMB?
Only 2 from Peace Sells and they are the 2 Ive heard live a bazillion times already over the past 18 years Not too mention peace sells is a weak song anyway
The same from Rust as always Only 4 new songs? Too much crap from the records in between Rust and TWNAH

Sweating Bullets is only good for inducing vomiting. What is Dave thinking? THIS is the kind of setlist you choose for your supposed last tour?

Here's my suggestions for replacements

Loved to Deth > skin o my teeth
Rattlehead > angry again
Looking Down The Cross > killing road
My last Words > wake up dead
The Conjuring > a tout le monde
Black Friday > hangar 18
Take No Prisoners > reckoning day
Lucretia > sweating bullets
Rust in Peace...Polaris > trust
Blackmail The Universe > symphony of destruction
My Kingdom > peace sells

Thanks for dissing your old school fans Dave

I somewhat agree. I also swear that some of the dates of the last tour didnt they do the Conjuring? Dave's been born again since a while before that.
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