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Originally Posted by DethMaiden
It would be better to have them do all the classics plus Mindcrime like they did last year if you haven't been somewhere in 18 years.
Yeah, I'm just 17 years old. And this gig is their first headline gig in Finland, they've never played here on their own before. They supported Dio in '84, Bon Jovi '86 and Metallica '88 (a piece of a most useful information in your life).

But I'm glad to see the band now, nevertheless. Hopefully they'll come back for more later on with a career spanning setlist. I don't basically mind this setlist, 'cause Mindcrime is among the finest heavy metal moments in my book and the sequel, while not on par with the 1983-1994 Queensr˙che, is a good record. It's just a bit annoying to hear something like Speed Of Light instead of Take Hold Of The Flame, if you know what I mean.
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