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Uli Jon Roth -- San Diego, CA -- May 21st, 2006


Uli Jon Roth, May 21, 2006-- Brick by Brick, San Diego CA

What an incredible show, small club, great atmosphere-- and the legend
Uli Jon Roth back in The USA with a full band for the first time in 21
years! I don't know his band member's names except that long time
Scorpions Bass player Francis Buchholz provided the rumble- and what a
fitting piece to a great night as Uli tore it up with Many Scorpions
classics. I know I havn't forgotten any songs-- but maybe one or two songs might be out of order; I do think I got it right though.

Sky Overture
Indian Dawn "Yellow Raven outro"
The Riot Of Your Time
We'll Burn The Sky
Cast Away Your Chains
Electric Sun
Virgin Killer
The Sails Of Charon
Polar Nights
Dark Lady

first encore-

Pictured Life
Catch Your Train
Fly To The Rainbow

second encore-
Star Spangled Banner
All Aong The Watchtower
Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

Somewhere in there was a keyboard/drum/bass solo- and at one point
during the bass solo, Francis did the bass line to "Rock You Like A
Hurricane." The crowd kinda chuckled and seamed to get a kick out of it-
speaking of the crowd, they were great, really getting into the classics,
singing along and never letting up through the close to 3 hour
performance. The show was really like a dream for me- the two previous times I've seen Uli its been mostly classical, including a full performance of
Vivaldi's Four Seasons- which was very cool, but I'm not going to lie, this
is what I want to see. Now if only the Scorpions would do a full fledged
world wide tour with Uli back in the line up- what would be the day.
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