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Originally Posted by overkiller
1.) LOL
2.) LOL
3.) LOL
4.) LOL
5.) LOL
6.) LOL
7.) LOL
8.) LOL
9.) LOL



10.) LOL
11.) LOL
12.) LOL
13.) LOL
14.) LOL
15.) LOL
16.) LOL
17.) LOL


18.) LOLOL

That was fucking hilarious! Come on Addi, even you gotta give a high five to overkiller on that one.

Seriously though, that set of yours (ADD) needs Hush, Jerk Off, and the be all, end all of Tool, Ticks & Leeches!
George W. Bush is the son of a swine. I hope that one day his body is identified by the teeth marks on my penis.
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