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Dream SAVATAGE Set List

I may be the only one on this board that submits one as I may be the only obsessive 'Tage fan here as far as I know, but oh well, here I go...

Zak Stevens - Vocals
Jon Oliva - Keyboards, Vocals
Al Pitrelli - Guitars
Chris Caffery - Guitars
Johnny Lee Middleton - Bass
Jeff Plate - Drums

* All vocals are by Zak Stevens unless otherwise noted

Intro: The Ocean / Welcome
1.Turns to Me
2.Edge of Thorns
-Power of the Night
-Lights Out
-Dead Winter Dead
4.Strange Wings
5.Tonight He Grins Again
6.This Is the Time (1990)
-A Little to Far
-Can You Hear Me Now?
-New York City Don't Mean Nothing
10.Wake of Magellan
11.If I Go Away
12.Miles Away
13.When the Crowds are Gone
14.Christmas Eve/Sarejevo
15.Not What You See
16.Gutter Ballet (Jon and Zak duet)

Encore 1:
17.Prelude to Madness / In the Hall of the Mountain King (Jon and Zak duet)
Encore 2:
18.Alone You Breath (Jon and Zak duet)
19.Somewhere In Time (Jon and Zak duet)
20.Believe (Jon and Zak duet)
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