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Unhappy Queensryche -- Los Angeles, CA -- February 19th, 2005

TOUR: Queensryche / “One Foot In Hell”
VENUE: Universal Amphitheater -- Los Angeles, CA
DATE: Saturday, February 19th, 2005
ATTENDED W/: Motorhead Jeff, Bouville, Allan, Lokia
GEAR WORN: GWAR Red Flying Eye & Black Hoodie
MOSHING REPORT: Yeah, right.
REVIEWED: March 6th, 2005


Queensryche Los Angeles almost didn’t happen for me. My glorious GWAR gig on the rail in Santa Cruz and an hour of post-concert multicolor dampness only worsened my cold. Mother Nature was in full menstrual mode on both Northern and Southern California with Los Angeles bearing the brunt of her fury. Our original plan was to schlep Allan from Eastern California with us. Instead, everyone made their own way to the Universal complex in Los Angeles. Bouville and Lokia drove from up North. Allan back-roaded it. After an afternoon of flight delays and changing airports, Motorhead Jeff picked me up at LAX and we drove straight to the Hard Rock Café at the Universal City Walk. Nemesis, Queen of Power Metal, was left in charge of the board for the night.

The Hard Rock was fun, although I was disappointed that some of our newer online friends couldn’t make it through the weather. My spicy rubber chicken dinner vacationed too long in their microwave, and I sent it back. The beer was good; the company, even better. If you’re curious what your metalsetlists hosts look like, check out the photos on the thread. Lokia was behind the camera, so you all will have to wait for a picture of her. We left the restaurant about 7:30 to pick up our tickets and after-show passes at will call. Unlike our City Walk stampede at Dance of Death, we were all more civil this time as we marched to the Universal Amphitheater.

Ticketing was an unavoidable clusterfuck and made me never want to return to Universal. I purchased our (MJ’s and mine) tickets through the Queensryche fan club and had no option but to pick them up. Doors opened thirty minutes prior, so I figured there wouldn’t be a line. There were like eight and we didn’t find out until waiting in the wrong queue that only the longest one served the fan club. Furthermore, we didn’t know what kind of seats we would get until day-of. We ended up with shitty seats on the far right in section 105, the worst location of ANY concert I’ve EVER attended. We would have missed a good chunk of the first set if Queensryche had not been so late starting up. I recollect only one perk to the whole nightmare: I got to hear the theme to Iron Chef on the Universal PA outside.

Queensryche performed their first set with more pep than they did in San Francisco but it was still far from exciting. I spent most of it text-messaging Bouville. During When The Rain Comes, most of the standing audience (including our fan club section) collapsed into their seat. Allan told me during the intermission to be careful because the bubonic plague had struck down half the audience. Queensryche’s first set in Los Angeles was the usual:

The Whisper
Another Rainy Night (Without You).
Take Hold of the Flame
When the Rain Comes
Jet City Woman
Last Time In Paris
Silent Lucidity

Motorhead Jeff remained at his seat during intermission; Bouville, Allan, and I went for beers and remained in the lobby until the Mindcrime set started. After the San Francisco show, I was very excited about Queensryche’s production of Mindcrime. After the Los Angeles show, I was ready to just go home. In fact, I turned to Motorhead Jeff and asked if he was ready to meet the band. He didn’t care, so I gave our after-show passes to Bouville and Lokia.

After the San Francisco write-up, I had envisioned a long, spoily blow job review of the Mindcrime production in Los Angeles. You know what? I just don’t give a shit. I spent most of the concert waiting for it to be over. I’d glad Motorhead Jeff got to see it, but I enjoyed my time earlier at the Hard Rock more than I did the concert itself.

This review is really unfair. Pamela Moore brought so much life Sister Mary. Christian Sorenson WAS Nikki. Both left an indelible mark on the Mindcrime of my imagination. The band was in their element and Geoff Tate just owned it all. I have a few nitpicking criticisms for LA vs SF, but if I don’t write them down, I’ll forget about them. Usually, I craft my review with a lot of love but I just don’t have any for this one.

Here’s what everyone wants to know… how does Sister Mary die? She kills herself. Dr X calls her on the phone and instructs to put a gun in her mouth and pull the trigger. BLAM! Sister Mary No More!

By all accounts on the Queensryche Fan Club Forum, the after party was a total goat rope. KNAC let the masses in so it wasn’t really a fan club party at all. The band showed up briefly and quickly bailed out. The whole thing was over before it began. I was embarrassed to have even given Bouville and Lokia passes at all. Revolution is now calling the Queensryche Fan Club; members, especially those spent hundreds of dollars in tickets and travel to attend, feel completely tooled. Queensryche should publicly apologize to their diehards in their fan club at a minimum.

As Motorhead Jeff and I left the Amphitheater, it fucking poured on us. Queensryche brought a little too much of Seattle (Bellevue, fucking Bellevue!) with them to Los Angeles. In honor of Bouville, I screamed “BLAZE IS THE MESSIAH! ” as I walked down the Universal City Walk back to the parking garage. The rain stopped shortly thereafter. Go figure.

I’ve been listening to Empire while writing Los Angeles up. Although I really enjoy Queensryche’s music, their live concerts left me a bit sour. Maybe Queensryche is going to be one of those bands I prefer studio over live. I’m going to multiple Judas Fucking Priest dates; Queensryche will have more second chances then. When the fan club comes up for renewal, I’ll probably do it. I enjoy the forum and the people there. I was also treated very well when I need an extra pass in San Francisco, and I’m not forgetting that. So my vote still goes to spending $20 on the Queensryche Fan Club.

I’m keeping Queensryche at 8.25 Eddies. They definitely didn’t earn more and probably should have lost some, but 8.25 feels about right.

A final note and very public thank you to Mrs. Motorhead Jeff, Mini MJ Senior, Michael, Rebecca and her girls:

I was supposed to fly home the next day at 11:45AM. Mrs. Motorhead Jeff invited to me to Disneyland along with her family. I pushed back my flight to 8:20PM that night and switched to an airport closer to the Magic Kingdom. It rained on the park the entire day and night, clearing out the less committed from most of the rides and attractions. Around 6:30PM, I pushed back my flight once again, this time to 6:10AM the next morning at Ontario. What an evening we had! I added members to the Cult of The Orange Monkey at DCA. We must have sat for an hour on the Grizzly River Rapids, going round and round. When you’re already wet, you just can’t get wetter. Almost every ride that was open, we rode at least a couple of times, including several walk-on Matterhorn runs. We totally closed down the park at midnight, being the very last ones on Small World.

Mrs. Motorhead, Mini-MJ Senior, and everyone (notable Rebecca who drove through a lot of really bad weather) deserve a giant fucking THANK YOU for accommodating my need to get to the airport at such an ungodly hour and giving me one of the best Disney memories in a long time. YOU ALL FUCKING ROCK!


At The Hard Rock With Lokia behind the camera...
left to right: Motorhead Jeff, Hot Turkey Ed, Allan, Bouville
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