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Originally Posted by hot_turkey_ed
Source: SMN News

End of Your Days
Rulers of the Mind
More Than Ever
She Speaks
As I Lie Here Bleeding
I'm Sorry
Still in the Water
Monday Morning Apocalypse
Mark of the Triangle
When the Walls Go Down (Vaggen)
Recreation Day
A Touch of Blessing
The Masterplan

Final Product
I, Voyager
Poison Godmachine
Engines of Hate
Chris & Jeff Jack Offs (guitar solos)
Dead Heart In A Dead World (with James MacDonough on bass)
My Acid Words
The River Dragon Has Come
Enemies of Reality
This Godless Endeavor

This was a one-off show from the In Flames tour.
I would have much rather seen this than the damned In Flames/Throwdown stuff. In fact, I speculated if there was a tour of just these two to a buddy yesterday.

That said, where the hell is Believe in Nothing on that Nevermore set?
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