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Originally Posted by Maiden33
The second band was Into Eternity. Well, for anyone who knows my show history, they know that this was my third time seeing this band because they opened 2 previous shows I attended last year. All I can say is they’ve definitely not grown on me. In fact, I now hate them far more than I ever did before. They have 3 guys in the band that sing, and none of them are at all good. Their frontman squeals like a little pig half the time and does very horrible growling the other half. The musicianship is very random and pointless as well. Not to mention this pointlessly aggressive music just brings out the worst side of every audience on earth. If I had to hear their pathetic frontman ask us how “metal” we were one more time or brag about how great it felt to be up there, I swear I was going to hurl. I fucking despise this band more and more each time I’m forced to stomach one of their live shows. Yes, I know I’m ranting, and I intended to.
I thought the same things when I saw them.
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