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Originally Posted by theclansman1114
Hello there,

Yes so I see you have stumbled upon a setlist.

13 songs is a smaller set. Crowd surfers and moshers need to be shot. I was kicked in the head 3 times and in the face once. My arms are sore as hell from holding myself and all the people pushing me back from crushing the girl in front of me. And I lost my Helloween - Walls of Jericho pin

Who really gives a fuck though?

The show was amazing. Soundwise, the PA was kinda low, but that is usually the case at BB Kings. Kai/Henjo/Dirk tones sounded great. And they had a great mix, no one person was too loud or soft.

The meet and greet afterwards was everything I thought it would be. Kai/Henjo/Dirk/Dan signed everything I presented them. They were very open with conversation and took pictures with me. I was pretty much in shock the whole time I talked to them. I was able to tell Kai how much of a fan I was of him and how much I love everything he's ever done. I could be on the bonus disc of the DVD since there was a guy filming for it.
Sucks about the crowd surfers and moshers I hate that shit! Glad you had a good time!!!! I think I saw your post on the GR board but its under a different nick right?
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