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Originally Posted by overkiller
Oh boohoo. I just got fucking killed by a mass of flying bodies at Exodus, and it was awesome. Although I will agree that it's shitty when people try to push to the front... if you want the rail, fucking show up early.

And I like how fucking half of their set is just the last album in succession. Losers. Then again, I guess that's what the 13-year-olds in mascara want to hear, and hey, if that's your fan base, I guess you gotta please them.

(I liked AFI when I was a dumb junior high/highschooler)
Hey, as long as everyone's having a lot of fun, are really into the band, and generally putting off a good vibe, I don't mind getting knocked around. But these people were fucking assholes. Most of them didn't even give a shit about the band, they were just there to get drunk/high and fuck people up. That's what you get with a radio festival, I suppose.

The reason, I suspect, that there's a lot of material from their last album is because it's their most recent one. Every band does that. Once their new album comes out, I bet pretty much all the Sing the Sorrow stuff will disappear. Plus, again, it was a radio station thing, so they were kind of obligated to play their most popular stuff. The shows they did in CA last week had a lot more older material in them.
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