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Exodus -- New York City, NY -- April 30th, 2006


First off I'm pretty exhausted so you'll have to excuse a crappy review... but anyway. What a wonderful goddamn show. It was intense, 5 opening bands (would've been 6 but as we heard, Cryptopsy got fucked)... so, band by band, quick synopsis:

Subzero: Shitty hardcore. Not worth mentioning.

Full Blown Chaos: Also shitty hardcore, but a little better than Subzero.

Skinless: Wow. Awesome performers. Their music is pretty standard (but good) death metal, but they (especially the vocalist) expressed it in a manner that pissed on my ancestors. The vocalist was an absolute maniac, jumping into the crowd several times, running to the back to be hoisted up by people and then doing vocals from there (it's hard to explain), and of course, the "Tsunami of Death" (which actually didn't really work out here; people didn't get it and just moshed instead of rushing the stage like they were supposed to). They put on a great show and shot some life into the crowd (which was dead thanks to Subzero and Full Blown Chaos).

Immolation: While their music is awesome, I actually wasn't into them as much as Skinless or Suffocation. They played their hearts out, but they were just missing that "something" that the other two DM bands had in spades. But maybe that's just me. In any case they were good.

Suffocation. Not much I can say about them except that they were fucking great. Their vocalist is awesome as well. Charismatic motherfucker. And what great death metal.

And finally... the reason I was there... fucking...


Mother of fuck. This may not have been the Hunolt/Holt Slay Team. Neither Baloff nor Zetro were present. There was no Tom Hunting or Rob McKillop. BUT THEY FUCKING DESTROYED MY CUNT ANYWAY. I was fortunate enough to get a spot on the rail near the center (I defended my post from 5:30 pm to 12:30 am!!), and I was headbanging furiously at least 50% of the time. Gary Holt has assembled a powerhouse lineup to ensure the survival of Exodus. There is no other way to describe it. With Paul Bostaph on the skins and Lee Altus (of Heathen!!!) on second guitar, there is just no fucking hope for posers. My god. Even the new vocalist Rob Dukes took a metal shit all over my face and then proceeded to implode my head with his superior manliness. Only possible complaint I could fathom is that a large portion of their set (very large actually, maybe half) was from the new album. Now I love the new album, but I mean, it was a bit much. But fuck what I think. Gary Holt has eaten my face.

I don't claim that this is in the correct order, but there's going to be some semblance of how they played what they did. I'm going to look through each of their albums and list which songs they played, so you'll know everything on the set, just not necessarily in order.

Now Thy Death Day Come
A Lesson in Violence
Altered Boy
Brain Dead
I Am Abomination
Bonded By Blood
.44 Magnum Opus
The Last Act of Defiance
No Love
Shovel Headed Kill Machine

Deliver Us To Evil
War Is My Shepherd
Strike of the Beast

Yeah, that may be pretty out of order. But that's what they played. SO DIE!!!!!

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