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Originally Posted by powerslave_85
Also, I fucking HATE crowdsurfers, and I got clobbered countless times by people landing on my head When AFI went on, I could barely move, and was just at the mercy of the crowd. I tried my best to sing along and enjoy myself, but it was pretty hard when I was getting pummeled by crowdsurfers and pushed aside by kids trying to get to the front.
Oh boohoo. I just got fucking killed by a mass of flying bodies at Exodus, and it was awesome. Although I will agree that it's shitty when people try to push to the front... if you want the rail, fucking show up early.

And I like how fucking half of their set is just the last album in succession. Losers. Then again, I guess that's what the 13-year-olds in mascara want to hear, and hey, if that's your fan base, I guess you gotta please them.

(I liked AFI when I was a dumb junior high/highschooler)
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