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Indeed indeed. I was going to comment on my "whoaaaooohh" singing (what the crowd does on all those live recordings of FOTD), but I see Lards has me covered. Only other interesting thing that happened was... well: So we're standing around for a while, and this beautful chick who looked pretty metal kept turning around and looking at me (I thought it was my imagination, but...). So I was like "Hmm." Eventually she comes over to me, points to my Celtic Frost shirt, and was like "That is fucking awesome." (Understand that this is NOT a metal venue, and someone wearing a CF shirt is significant.) Went on to say how CF is like her favorite band, how she saw them on the To Mega Therion tour, etc. etc... And over the course of the conversation I find out she is fucking 39 years old (how else would she have seen that tour, duh, oops). She looked late 20s at the absolute oldest (Lards and Div will attest to this). Anyway, once she realized I was only 19 ("You weren't even born when that album came out!") I kinda got that "old metal fan" snobbish vibe from her, but it was hard to tell. Pissed me off even though I wasn't sure about it... I hear shit like that at shows a lot too ("These fuckin' kids weren't even born when Sodom did this etc. etc."), and fucking... these people should be HAPPY that a younger generation of metalheads is keeping this great music alive. Yet they piss and moan. Oh well. It was a cool encounter.

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