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andrew_metalhead 03-27-2009 09:59 AM

Forbidden -- Hollywood, CA -- March 26th, 2009
We got to see Forbidden play at the Key Club after 14 long years! They had a new guitar player Steve Smyth with Russ on vocals, Matt on bass, Craig on guitar and Mark on drums.
Forbidden Merch :
Shirts : $24
Patches : $6
Stickers : $4

Here's a review of the entire show :
1. Lethal Dossage : Not too bad, although every song had the same riffs and the same drum beats.
2. Elfion : Didn't impress me at all. I thought they were better when I saw them open for Exodus in December. The singer looked like he was suffering from illness or something.
3. Letum Ascencus : The singer tried his best to get the crowd going, but there was hardly anyone near the stage during their set. They weren't bad in my opinion. They said they are playing with Suicidal on saturday as well.
4. Psychosis : The only band up to now which got any kind of response from the crowd. They are a thrash band from LA itself. The singer said that they are quite a new band, this being just their 6th gig. And their songs were also written only a month back. They played five songs.
1. Building Empires
2. Broken Man
3. Man Made God
4. Cold Is This God
5. Face Of War
Good show. After the show they were tossing free CDs into the crowd. I managed to get one.
5. Forbidden : They came on at 11. All of us in the crowd were really pumped for this! The Parting Of The Ways intro also helped a great deal in that. The set that followed was a great one! Things became a little funny in the middle of their show when the mic output started echoing when Russ spoke something in between songs :lol:
But he did a great job in getting the crowd going. It was an amazing response from the Key Club :) Thats why metal shows at this place always rule :fist: :metal: Craig's performance was awesome, and he was throwing out lots of picks into the crowd. I got two of them. And yet again the stage divers managed to fuck up one of the FX connections, because the FX box was kept in front of the mic stand, very close to the edge of the stage.
Here is the set list :

1. Intro : The Parting Of Ways
2. Infinite
3. Forbidden Evil
4. Off The Edge
5. Step By Step
6. Twisted Into Form
7. Follow Me
8. Tossed Away
9. Green
10.March Into Fire
11.Through The Eyes Of Glass
12.One Foot In Hell
13.Chalice Of Blood

I got the set list taped on the stage, so this is correct. I wonder why Out Of Body was striked out! It was supposed to be played before March Into Fire according to the list I have. I would have loved that for sure!
All in all, a great night of excellent thrash metal. :rocker:

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