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Chong 03-22-2009 05:47 AM

Destruction -- Vancouver, Canada -- March 19th, 2009
Great Night all around.

Opening local band Juvenile assassins kicked it off. Not bad musically, but way too loud. There style sounds somewhat like old thrash mixed with modern death metal.
Played 28 mins. C+
Sorry no setlist

Mantic Ritual (Meltdown)
Very 80s thrash sounding. Nice set although the singer/guitar player did not have his guitar for the first 2 songs. Seems it was outta tune when he first started playing and gave it back to a roadie to tune it. Thus after the intro, he stated "i don't give a flying fuck, lets play". After the first song he got his guitar back. For an old thrash fan, like myself, it was a throwback to great 80s thrash. Although, the singers vocals are an aquired taste.
Played for 33 Mins. B-

01-Intro/One By One
02-Murder To Death
03-Black Metal (Venom Cover)
07-Next Attack

Not a huge fan, but they somewhat converted me with their tight set. The singer/bassist has a ton of charizma on stage. And the guitar player can whip off a solo like no tomorrow. In the end they somewhat converted me to the dark side :) Second time they have been to Vancouver and had a big following. Great sound.
Played For 33 Mins. B+

02-Combustion Inferno
03-Vengeances Revelation
04-Vicious Wrath
06-Hatred Inherit
08-Slaying Steel

The main course, Destruction, did not disappoint. The best live concert i have ever heard from the German Thrash Masters. Vocals were crystal clear, great guitar playing and very tight on stage. The sound was so killer that both Krisiun and Destruction saluted the club soundman. He did MAGIC.
Vocalist had a ton of charizma and interacted with the crowd all night. They seemed to enjoy the night a lot. Maybe because it was a packed house with somewhere between 300 and 400 people. From what i understand, those are respectable numbers as compared to other places on this tour. Third time Destruction has been to Vancouver.
Played for 95 mins. A

01-Intro/Soul Collector
02-Bestial Invasion
04-Eternal Ban
05-Live Without Sense
06-Urge The Greed Of Gain
07-Metal Discharge
08-Death Trap
09-Thrash Til Death
10-Medley:Black Mass/Antichrist/Release From Agony
11-Drum Solo
13-The Damned/Cracked Brain/Reject Emotion
14-The Butcher Strikes Back


15-Curse The Gods
16-Nailed To The Cross
17-Mad Butcher
18-Total Destaster

All in all one of the better concerts i have seen recently:)

rjturtle9 03-22-2009 08:48 AM

[QUOTE=Chong;206028]The best live concert i have ever heard from the German Thrash Masters.[/QUOTE]

Kreator was there??? ;)

andrew_metalhead 03-22-2009 12:02 PM

[QUOTE=rjturtle9;206035]Kreator was there??? ;)[/QUOTE]

Destruction can be called German Thrash masters too man. For me they are as good as Kreator :metal:

Chong 03-22-2009 02:42 PM

[QUOTE=rjturtle9;206035]Kreator was there??? ;)[/QUOTE]

Well i will let you know how good Kreator is this time, when they come too town with Exodus on April 24th. As well i have 3 German bands from the classic era (mid 80s to late 80s) that i will include as German Thrash Metal Classics. Sodom, Destruction, and Kreator.

JuuKun 03-22-2009 04:05 PM

Destruction are the masters of ALL Thrash, not just German. :rocker:

I'd say Holy Moses is up there as Masters of German Thrash. And Tankard, too.

iggus 03-22-2009 06:31 PM

Destruction is bad ass..but one of my favorite thrash bands from Germany : CORONER....only did 4 albums but damn those dude tore it apart

andrew_metalhead 03-22-2009 09:41 PM

@ topic starter

Any idea whether they are selling Destruction and Mantic Ritual patches at the merch booth?

JuuKun 03-23-2009 07:35 AM

[QUOTE=andrew_metalhead;206100]@ topic starter

Any idea whether they are selling Destruction and Mantic Ritual patches at the merch booth?[/QUOTE]

I don't know about Mantic Ritual, but I can confirm that at the MA date earlier this month, there were Destruction patches.

andrew_metalhead 03-23-2009 07:38 AM

cool thanks! i'll buy one. and i read on MR's myspace page that they WILL be selling patches .. I was just doubtful about Destruction.

Leviathan 03-23-2009 12:34 PM

Nothing other then a short medley from Release from Agony.

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