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ADD 03-09-2009 03:45 PM

Brocas Helm -- Berekely, CA -- March 8th, 2009
First show in many months so I was stoked to hear some loud heavy metal. Got there towards the end of Laceration's set, they've gotten better every time I've seen them since the very first show they played. Next up was Havok from Colorado, they were also better than the last time I saw them (which incidentally was also with Brocas Helm on the bill), their new bassist had tons of energy and they were really tight. They did a bitchin cover of "Postmortem/Raining Blood" too which got people into it. Their van broke down and needed a new transmission to get back home to Denver, set these guys $3000 in the hole they said, its not easy being a band on the road man. They all have to be either in high school or fresh out, the singer/guitarist is a real nice guy too and has a rad Live After Death tattoo. Very metal.

After catching up with some scene folks Bay Area cult metal legends Brocas Helm took the stage and did their thing for a solid hour and change, longest set I've seen by any band at the Gilman. They were also tighter (and louder) then last time I saw them which had to be over a year ago, and the drummer was able to keep cymbals from falling down for the most part this time too. Jim 'The Wizard' Schumacher plays bass unlike anyone I've ever seen, he plucks the strings with his thumb unlike most bassists who do the index/middle finger alternating thing, pretty funny stage antics too. He threw in some rad bass tapping towards the end of the set also. These guys are fuckin old but still clearly have a lot of enthusiasm, and I give them the utmost respect to be still doing this for no money playing to maybe 25 people tops (the majority of which are half their age or younger) on a Sunday evening. Lifer metal dudes rule. Here's what they played, not in perfect order but pretty close from what I can remember:

Black Death
Into Battle
Defender Of The Crown
Beneath A Haunted Moon
War Toons
Time Of The Dark
Emerald (Thin Lizzy cover) :metal:
Ghost Story
Cry Of The Banshee
Drink and Drive
Children Of The Nova Dawn

Some homeless guy stumbled in at one point and was dancing by himself in the back, pretty funny :D Good show and good to be back in the Bay :metal:

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