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coiler 03-02-2009 06:18 AM

Lordi -- Madrid, Spain -- February 22nd, 2009
[B]Supporters: Fatal Smile + Brandon Ashley and The Silverbugs
Venue: Heineken[/B]

[B]Lordi Setlist:[/B]

Girls go Chopping
They only come out at Night
Raise hell in Heaven
Bite it like a Bulldog
Who´s yor Daddy
Blood red Sandman
Man skin Boots
The night of the loving Dead
Bringing back the balls to Rock
Monster Monster
Wake the Snake
Dr. Sin is In
Missing Miss Charlene
Would you love a Monsterman
Devil´s is a Loser
Hard Rock Hallelujah

[B]Spanish Review from the show:[/B]


[B]Picture Gallery from the show:[/B]


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