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Peronski 02-21-2009 10:48 AM

AC/DC -- Stockholm, Sweden -- February 20th, 2009
AC/DC was in Sweden to kick some A**
Well i think they r just gettin better for older they get :rocker:
I seen them 9 times now and i am goin to see them also in gothenburg i june this year.
So wonder what setlist they r comin to play then :horns:

Band: AC/DC
Date: 20/02/2009
Venue: Globe Arena
City/Location: Stockholm/Sweden

2.HELL AIN'T A BAD PLACE TO BE ++++ :flame: i just say wow
3.BACK IN BLACK ++++ need i say more
4.BIG JACK +++ boogie woogie
6.SHOT DOWN IN FLAMES +++++ one of the best songs ever made
7.THUNDERSTRUCK ++++ no thunder without ac/dc
8.BLACK ICE ++ :eyes:
9.THE JACK ++++ i thought the globe would roll away
14.YOU SHOOK ME ALL NIGHT LONG ++++ well they shooked me anyway :horns:
15.T.N.T. +++++ a hit in the gut
16.WHOLE LOTTA ROSIE +++++ yeaaaaaaaaah!!
17.LET THERE BE ROCK +++++ just magical.
18.HIGHWAY TO HELL +++++ booooooogie wooooogie :rocker:
19.FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK (WE SALUTE YOU) +++++ no stockholm salute you AC/DC

Overall grade on the concert [B]+++++[/B]
See u l8r in march when Metallica comes to rip up stockholm/sweden.

iggus 02-21-2009 12:25 PM

I agree, they really sounded good on this tour. I was able to catch three dates all about 6 weeks apart. The first night in Indianapolis Brian sounded the best I heard him in years Live. Angus changed several guitars and while he played great he seemed to lack some punch when compared to the next two shows. And on those two he never changed out his SG.
I saw the rehearsal song list and was bummed "Stiff Upper Lip", "Gone Shootin" :party: and "Bad Boy Boogie" had been dropped. At least you got one extra song in "Shot Down In Flames" They didn't change any songs for the entire USA tour.
Would love to have seen "Gone Shootin'".

iggus 02-21-2009 12:28 PM

I just noticed your black ice song rating..hahaha...man that is my favorite song off the new cd...I was thrilled they played...however "Anything Goes" I don't care for..rather have an another old one or maybe "Rock n Roll Dream" instead....

TonyD 02-21-2009 05:15 PM

I think we can do without "Anything Goes"

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