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Skinny Juice 02-05-2009 01:17 PM

As I Lay Dying -- Casper, WY -- January 23rd, 2009
Show was on Friday, January 23rd at The Casper Events Center. The show was held in the Three Trails Summit room and all 500 tickets were sold for the show.

Openers for the show were (in order of show line-up):

My Children My Bride
The Human Abstract
Protest The Hero

(not familiar with the other bands' sets)

with As I Lay Dying headlining.


1. Separation
2. Nothing Left
3. An Ocean Between Us
4. Forever
5. Through Struggle
6. Within Destruction
7. Forsaken
8. The Darkest Nights
9. Distance Is Darkness
10. Meaning In Tragedy
11. I Never Wanted
12. The Sound of Truth
13. Departed
14. 94 Hours
15. Confined

The show was great! Very rare for Casper to get bands such as As I Lay Dying to play here. I'm very glad they did. The first time a show like this was held in the meeting room. It was cool seeing crowd-surfers' limbs going through the low-ceiling. I'm looking forward to catching As I Lay Dying again with Lamb of God this April in Denver.

xStructualDefect 02-05-2009 09:24 PM

pretty good setlist.
the show i went to in Anaheim had almost the exact same set,
except we didndt get departed and we got a second encore with closing the show with Elegy.

can't wait to see em with LOG and COB.
all 3 bands should be amazing.
and finally AILD isnt touring with a bunch of lame bands that attract scenesters.

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