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coiler 01-26-2009 03:59 AM

Edguy -- Madrid, Spain -- January 16th, 2009
[B]Venue: Joy Eslava
Supporters: André Matos, H.E.A.T[/B]

[B]André Matos Setlist:[/B]

Letting Go
Nothing To Say
Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
How Long (Unleashed Away)
Carry On

[B]Edguy Setlist:[/B]

Dead Or Rock
Tears Of A Mandrake
The Pharaoh
Ministry Of Saints
The Pride Of Creation
The Headless Game
Save Me
Out Of Control
Lavatory Love Machine
King Of Fools

[B]Picture Gallery from the show:[/B]


[B]Review in spanish from the show:[/B]


metalmilitia54 01-26-2009 06:42 AM

Ohh Babylon! I didn't get Babylon last time I saw them. Perhaps they'll play that when they come to the states.

JuuKun 01-26-2009 11:55 AM

The Pharaoh, Babylon, and Tears of a Mandrake?

Sign me up! Bring this setlist to the US!

Most importantly The Pharaoh.

MetalTraveller 01-27-2009 04:31 PM

Far better than in Paris. they didn't play Mandrake nor Babylon. But we had Until We Rise Again nstead.

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