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b_halperin 01-21-2009 09:08 PM

This Means War - Blackened
This album sheds a few signs of hope about the hope of aggresive hardcore metal, but it also burns a few. I had high hopes when I heard about this album because of the fact that the bassist and drummer of Hatebreed formed this band. I figured, well, I love Hatebreed, so this has to be good. First off, it is really hard to adjust to Jay Reason's vocals. In a way they seem forced and whiny. Blackened can only be described to me as a really bad Hatebreed cover with whiny vocals. There are a few times, though, where I find myself really enjoying this album. The song "The Burden off My Back" is really aggresive and I find myself headbanging to it. I was thinking well maybe this band is new to the music industry and they're still figuring out who they are. Then I found out that every single member has made big impact on the independent music scene. Chris Beattie (bass), Dave Russo (Drums) are both from Hatebreed. Jay Reason (Vocals) is from The Distance, and Chris Legg (Guitars). I must admit they have put together an all-star lineup. Now, if they could only be used to their full potential

"Blackened can only be described to me as a bad Hatebreed cover with whiny vocals."

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