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ChenXi 01-01-2009 11:10 AM

Sevendust -- Ft. Lauderdale, FL -- December 30th, 2008
1. Inside
2. Alpha
3. Enemy
4. Pieces
5. Clueless
6. Waffle
7. Suffocate
8. Angel's Son
9. Denial
10. Rumble Fish
11. Ugly
12. Praise
13. Jam of a couple of different classic songs from Ozzy, Maiden...
14. Bitch
15. Face to Face

Opening Bands:
Phat Munky, American Devils, Taproot

xStructualDefect 01-01-2009 10:14 PM

how was Taproot?

Butcher of Birth 01-02-2009 11:05 PM

[QUOTE=xStructualDefect;199917]how was Taproot?[/QUOTE]

they were great, played 45 minutes at the 2 shows I saw them at. Great Live Show from Both Bands, the other openers suck major...

When I saw them the night before this show they jammed Master of Puppets, Walk, Mouth of War, and Some Old southern song. It was good. Even though I'm not a fan at ALL of Metallica or Pantera.

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