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Maiden33 12-21-2008 08:44 PM

Twelve Twenty-Four -- Bethlehem, PA -- December 21st, 2008
Tonight I went to see something a bit odd. A Trans-Siberian Orchestra tribute band. This is a bit odd being that it's a huge thing to try to replicate and they are the only band of their kind, and happen to be based out of my general area. This show was at the Zoelner Arts Center in downtown Bethlehem, which is a bit hilarious when you think about the fact that it was a Christmas show.
All in all the show was really fantastic. I mean obviously it's not the huge spectacle that the actual TSO is, being the budget and popularity of the project. The cast is made up of 15 performers, many of which both sing and play instruments. In this group of 15 is a string quartet as well as both 3 primary male vocalists and 3 primary female vocalists. The people involved are about as talented as you could ask for. It took a little while to get used to hearing different voices singing songs which rely so heavily upon the vocal delivery, but I can't complain. It was fantastic to get to hear a handful of great tracks that TSO themselves don't ever play.
After the show all the people did a meet and greet and I let them know how much I enjoyed the show. I was pleased to find out that the majority of them are in fact well-versed in the history Trans-Siberian Orchestra, as I received not one but many compliments on the Savatage shirt I wore to the show.

Set 1:
1.March of Kings
2.An Angel Came Down
3.Christmas in the Air
4.Wizards in Winter
5.O Come All Ye Faithful
6.The Prince of Peace
7.Christmas Nights in Blue
8.An Angel's Share
9.Old City Bar
10.Christmas Eve / Sarajevo 12/24
11.O Holy Night
12.Good King Joy
13.Music Box Blues
14.Christmas Dreams
15.Promises to Keep
16.This Christmas Day

-20 minute intermission-

Set 2:
18.Mad Russian's Christmas
19.Requiem (The Fifth)
20.I'll Keep Your Secrets
21.A Last Illusion
22.The Three Kings and I (What Really Happened)
23.For the Sake of Our Brother
24.Wish Liszt
25.Angels We Have Heard on High
26.Boughs of Holly
27.Flight of the Bumble Bee / Siberian Sleigh Ride
28.Christmas Cannon Rock
29.An Angel Returned

31.Winter Wonderland

DethMaiden 12-21-2008 09:03 PM

You have got to be shitting me...they didn't play O Little Town of Bethlehem?

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