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kevindeets 12-06-2008 08:39 AM

Mudvayne -- Detroit, MI -- December 5th, 2008
[U]Snot setlist[/U]

Joy Ride
The Box
Snooze Button
My Balls
I Jus Lie
Coulda Shoulda Woulda (new song)

[U]10 Years setlist[/U]

Russian Roulette
11am (Daydreamer)
All Your Lies
Paralyzing Kings
Drug of Choice
Actions & Motives
So Long, Goodbye

[U]Mudvayne setlist[/U]

Not Falling
- 1
Death Blooms
Do What You Do
Fall Into Sleep
World So Cold
Nothing to Gein

SomewhereInTime72 12-06-2008 09:37 AM

That's a pretty good, but short, Mudvayne set. Too bad they're not good enough to see when all the openers suck and the set is that short. :hmm:

dan12con 12-06-2008 08:51 PM

That is a short Mudvayne set. There's not much new stuff either.

AnthG 12-09-2008 06:46 PM

Only 2 songs off the Autumn Effect for 10 Years. Kinda lame.

jimcarrey363 12-10-2008 09:14 AM

Just saw this show last night in Columbus, OH. I had never heard Snot before, but they were better than I thought they'd be. 10 years.... just didn't fit in at all. I can't say I enjoyed their set that much.

Mudvayne on the other hand. Always, always, always one hell of a show! The energy that they create is just intense! The set was also pretty good in my opinion. I would have liked to hear a few more songs, including Determined, but what can ya do.
Also, the past 2 shows I've been to have not had encores, and that makes me sad. What gives?

CoconutBackwards 12-11-2008 11:26 AM

I was at this show in Grand Rapids also.

Snot were awesome. Snot were the only reason I drove to Grand Rapids to go to this concert. I discovered Snot right about the time Lynn Strait died and I became a huge fan. I thought they were awesome live. It seemed like there were a ton of people there who liked Snot also, because there were pits going everywhere and most of the people around me knew the songs.

I stuck around for a few minutes and heard some of 10 Years. They sounded like a lame Tool cover band. We got the hell out of there before Mudvayne came on. Jesus Christ, what is worse than Mudvayne??

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