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immortalkz 11-02-2008 10:12 PM

Gwar -- Minneapolis, MN -- November 1st, 2008
Oh man this is my favorite band, wouldnt miss it for the world. although this is the 2nd time Minnesota missed the Halloween show. two years ago when the came with Municipal Waste and The Red Chord, they played October 30th
and now they play November 1st, oh well still great show!!

1. Battle-Lust
2. Salaminizer
3. Go To Hell
4. Bring Back The Bomb
5. Bonesnapper
6. Crack In The Egg
7. Murdererís Muse
8. A Short History of The End of the World
9. Crush Kill Destroy
10. Ham On The Bone
11. Krosstika
12. War Is All We Know
13. The Private Pain of Techno Destro
14. U Ainít Shit
15. Rock N Roll Never Felt So Good
16. Eighth Lock
17. Slaughterama
18. Sick of You

pretty much the same as previously recorded, only some mixed around a little bit. great show, with a variety of political figures (McCain, Obama, Hilary Clinton) and Steve Wilkos, Bonesnapper, Sleezy made a comeback and the crowd LOVE IT. they started off with a clock from 10 minutes and counted all the way down with one message from Sleezy about ruling the world, it was great.

Kingdom of Sorrow - i was not firmilar with anything by them, they did play a Hatebreed cover of Last Breathe...yey!

i will try to update with Toxic Holocaust when i talk to my friend who is more firmiliar with them

they closed with Nuke The Cross and played 666 that is all i recall.

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