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Butcher of Birth 11-01-2008 06:41 AM

Joe Satriani -- Orlando, FL -- October 31th, 2008
Let me just say this was my 1st time seeing Joe and dispite the fact I didn't know many songs and I was going just for the Helluva It it was awesome. Sure there were some slow parts and through the night I wished he was only playing shred, but man it was such a great show!

1. I Just Wanna Rock (What an Opener! The LED Screen Added So Much!)
2. Overdriver
3. Satch Boogie
4. Ice 9
5. Flyin' In A Blue Dream
6. Ghosts
7. Revelation
8. Super Colossal
9. One Big Rush
10. Musterion
11. Time Machine
12. Cool #9
13. Bass Solo (STUUUUUUUUUU! Great Solo!)
14. Andalusia
15. Always With Me, Always With You
16. Surfing With The Alien
17. Crowd Chant
18. Summer Song
19. Jam w/ Leslie West of Mountain (Very Long and Enjoyable!)

Since it was Halloween, for the encore Joe and his other Guitarist came out dressed up. His guitairst was in a Jack Sparrow type get-up and Joe had put on this STUPID wig to make him look exactly like Howard Stern (That point was made by Leslie West when he hit the stage :D ). The Lead-In to "Ghost" was very funny, "I mean I don't wanna spooky ghost, I want a Guitar Shredding Ghost Right? (CHEERS) Somewhere along the lines of a Floating Steve Vai following you around and playing Licks you could never play! This is... Ghosts".

Great Show! Mountain was VERY VERY good. Only know the one Token song by them, but man, what energy from such an old group!

Spiral_Slave 11-01-2008 07:32 AM

I loved the show too ( I was at the Clearwater one. ) Satch always puts on a great show and the new material sounded excellent. " Ghosts " rules.

guitarman8484 11-02-2008 10:18 AM

Same show I saw in DC plus Musterion. Absolutely amazing night, both bands were great.

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