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es156 10-03-2008 08:12 PM

Jon Oliva's Pain -- Sauget, IL -- September 29th, 2008
Tour: Global Warning Tour 2008
Headliner: Jon Oliva’s Pain
Support: Circle II Circle
Venue: Pop’s, Sauget, IL
Date: September 29th, 2008


Circle II Circle Set List:

01. All That Remains
02. Sea Of White
03. Waiting
04. So Many Reasons
-Drum Solo-
05. Heal You
06. Echoes
07. Soul Breaker
08. Chase The Lies
09. Messiah
10 .Revelations
11. Turns to Me
12. Nothing Going On
13. Taunting Cobras

Set Time: 8.45-9.50

Circle II Circle Lineup:
Vocals: Zak Stevens
Bass/Keyboards: Paul Michael Stewart
Guitar: Andy Lee
Guitar: Bill Hudson
Drums: Tom Drennan

Jon Oliva’s Pain Set List:

01. Sirens
02. Warriors
03. Maniacal Renderings
04. Tonight He Grins Again
05. Firefly
06. Hounds
07. Gutter Ballet
08. Walk Upon The Water
09. Stories
10. Edge Of Thorns (W/ Zak Stevens)
11. Chance (W/ Zak Stevens)
12. Somewhere In Time
13. Believe
14. Adding The Cost

15. When The Crowds Are Gone
16. Hall Of The Mountain King

Set Time: 10.13-12.00

Jon Oliva’s Pain Lineup:
Vocals/Keyboards: Jon Oliva
Guitar: Matt LaPorte
Guitar: Shane French
Keyboards: John Zahner
Bass: Kevin Rothney
Drums: Christopher Kinder

This was another show where I had never seen any of the bands before, so I was looking forward to seeing all 3 bands. I never had the chance to see Savatage either so I was very excited to finally get to hear some of their material live. Before the tour started I was not sure how much Savatage they would play. As it turned out my worries were unfounded and I was extremely happy with the number of Savatage songs that were played.

Unfortunately, the attendance was pathetic, which was sad to see. I arrived at the venue at 5:00pm and stood in line for over half an hour by myself before anyone else even showed up to get in line! Manticora came out and kind of looked at each other like :eyes:. Zak seemed to be into the show and treated the small crowd as if it were much larger than it was. Jon mostly joked around about it and complimented us for being "loud for such a small crowd" etc. He seemed to really enjoy the show.

Manticora was very good, although maybe not well-suited for this tour. They would probably be a better fit on the Gamma Ray/Helloween tour. But I enjoyed their set and will probably buy some of their CD's.

I was not as disappointed with the CIIC set list as some have been. I really like their new CD and I love the fact that they played Echoes. It was a great set and Andy Lee was outstanding. That guy can tear it up! I had heard that he was an amazing guitarist and I totally agree. I met him after the show and he gave me a pick, which was cool. Highlights were Echoes, Turns To Me and Taunting Cobras.

I was not sure how well the new JOP songs would sound live, but I thought they sounded great. Jon’s voice sounded good and he really belted it out all night long. He didn’t hold back at all. I thought that Matt LaPorte did an excellent job on Criss Oliva’s solo’s, etc. I was extremely disappointed that they skipped All That I Bleed, but the show was awesome regardless. All of the Savatage material was simply amazing. I still can't believe that I finally got to hear those songs live. Highlights for me were Gutter Ballet, Edge Of Thorns, When The Crowds Are Gone and, of course, Somewhere In Time/Believe.

Bloodcurse 10-08-2008 11:53 PM

the Allentown show we also got "Jesus Saves" and "Through the Eyes of the King"

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