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Maiden33 09-20-2008 03:21 PM

Chris Caffery -- Flushing, NY -- September 20th, 2008
So, today was by far the most unique show experience I've ever had. I drove to Flushing, NY (by way of directly through Manhattan) to see Chris Caffery's solo band do an "acoustic"-ish show for free... at a library... at 2 in the afternoon. Naturally this pretty much explains what made this so unique. The show wasn't really acoustic, and it wasn't really in a library, but instead a cool small auditorium. They used a full drum kit and electric guitars on a number of songs. However the drummer played entirely with brushes and the heavier songs were just "toned down" for the environment. Chris couldn't swear due to performing in a library, so the set was lacking his signature "Pisses Me Off", but that didn't stop the show from being absolutely great. The show showcased a lot of awesome songs that Chris wouldn't otherwise performed. I was shocked (and delighted) he gave a big middle finger to all those who came to hear TSO songs and just played solo and Savatage material. Chris kept asking what we wanted to hear and my friends and I shouted for Savatage tunes, and he obliged quite nicely. I was really happy with the two brand new songs. This was just a really great unique show and I'd love to see more people do this kind of thing.
And afterward Chris just came out and talked to all of us, including signing CDs, taking pictures, and everything of the like. It was a great time.

Set list:
Note: This show, despite only being 10 real songs, lasted an hour and 15 minutes. There were 2 or 3 extended guitar solos, and Abandoned is like 9 minutes long... but the main chunk of time came from Chris and his band just shooting the shit between songs, asking what we wanted to hear, telling funny stories, etc, etc.
2.Music Man
3.Winter in Hamburg (new)
4.Bag of Bones
5.The Wake of Magellan (Savatage)
6.I'm Sorry (new)
7.Edge of Thorns (Savatage)
8.Fade Into the X

Spiral_Slave 09-21-2008 08:51 PM

Damn, I wish I would've gotten Wake Of Magellan at my 'Tage related show this weekend :drool:

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