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EvolutionSTI 09-14-2008 11:32 AM

Children of Bodom -- Atlanta, Ga -- September 13th, 2008
The Bodom set list is the same as The Baltimore, with some exceptions and details written in italics, songs that are played are in [B]Bold[/B]

[B]Third[/B] show of their headlining tour with The Black Dahlia Murder and Between The Buried And Me.

Intro [I]Which is some weird chant, its name could be 'They're coming to take us away', not sure tho[/I]
01. [B]Follow The Reaper[/B]
02. [B]Smile Pretty For The Devil[/B] [I](the live premiere)[/I]
03. [B]Silent Night, Bodom Night[/B]
04. [B]Living Dead Beat[/B]
05. [B]Hellhounds On My Trail[/B]
06. [B]Blooddrunk[/B]
07. [B]Sixpounder[/B]
08. [B]Angel's Don't Kill[/B]
09. [B]Children Of Decadence[/B] [I]Song stops at 3:30, and instead of the badass solo, Roope does some boring solo/song transition with Janne and Raska providing a backing (its nothing like on the Stockholm cd/dvd). I'm pretty sure Roope was so wasted to the point where he forgot some riffs, I could tell at least when he messed up. Eh... but it then segued too [/I]
10. [B]Chokehold ( Cocked 'N' Loaded )[/B]
11. [B]Hate Me![/B]
12. [B]Bed Of Razors[/B]
13. [B]In Your Face[/B]
14. Banned From Heaven - was not played, presumably due to time issues (see Between the buried and me)
15. [B]Hate Crew Deathroll[/B]
16. Everytime I Die - was not played, see above and BTBAM
17. [B]Downfall[/B] - Nothing special done with intro (ie playing [I]too young for love[/I] or [I]holy diver[/I] over the intro, presumably due to time restraints

Bodom was awesome, it was probably my 3rd or 4th time seeing them (i saw em Dec 6th, 2005; June 27, 2006 (Unholy Alliance), and another i think), but it was definitly bad ass, I prefered their Aren't you dead yet tour, due to the awesome solo battles, and the drum solos and of course MATERIAL OFF SOMETHING WILD BEING PLAYED, which this set obviously lacked. oh well

For black dahlia murder, i'm not a big of a fan as i am with bodom, and i've only got the Unhallowed Cd, so the only songs i could recognize were

[B]Elder Misanthropy
Funeral Thirst[/B]

For Between the Buried and me, i've never heard of them before this night, and they were pretty good for a band that typically attracts the 'slam-dancing' scene (i say that because there were some fags in full out eyelines, blush and lipstick). Unfortunately i don't know any of the songs they played (it was only 4), but t[B]hier last song was roughly 15 minutes long[/B], so its something off thier new cd. [B]But i believe that because the OPENING BAND played a 15 minute song, that bodom could not play Banned from Heaven or Everytime i Die.[/B] oh well, regardless it was a great show, and you should definitely catch them on this leg of the Bodom, BDM, BTBAM show.

9/10 cuz bodom had to cut 2 songs.

JuuKun 09-14-2008 04:55 PM

[QUOTE=EvolutionSTI;191924]12. [B]Bed Of Razors[/B][/QUOTE]


I'm fucking there in Worcester October 10th, then.

I had doubts, but god damn it. I'm there.

Oh, and the intro is "They're Coming To Take Me Away Ha-haa"

(Bed of Razors is, as is probably obvious, one of my favorite CoB songs. And CoB happen to be my favorite band. So, yeah. The only song that probably would have gotten a greater reaction is "Touch Like Angel of Death".)

TonyD 09-14-2008 10:46 PM

What a douche, I'll take a wild guess and say that Btbam is likely a straight edge band.

Anyway, still not convinced to go.

EvolutionSTI 09-15-2008 08:52 AM

if i'm correct, 2 members of btbam were in a straight edge band, as for btbam, i dunno, but they did a decent job, apart from shortening bodoms time.

EchoesOfDecimation 09-15-2008 08:53 AM

[QUOTE=TonyD;191966]What a douche, I'll take a wild guess and say that Btbam is likely a straight edge band.[/QUOTE]

BTBAM are anything but that breakdown laden, straight edge, 'core' bullshit they get bunched with for no reason.

mankvill 09-15-2008 09:43 AM

[QUOTE=EchoesOfDecimation;191987]BTBAM are anything but that breakdown laden, straight edge, 'core' bullshit they get bunched with for no reason.[/QUOTE]

They are metalcore, but one of the extremely few good ones.

zakksminime 09-15-2008 12:50 PM

How long did Black dahlia play for? and fuck BTBAM
but how long does black dahlia play for?

GameFreac 09-16-2008 01:43 PM

TBDM played at least 30 minutes (but probably around 40-45)..they were amazing

The crowd was going nuts for this show

Children of Bodom was the best though they were WAY better this time than Gigantour. It was hot as hell but fun as hell

Great show :D

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