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requiem960 06-01-2008 09:10 PM

Opeth -- Tampa, FL -- June 1st, 2008
Demon of the Fall
Mike Portnoy's a Bitch
Baying of the Hounds
In My Time of Need (James LaBrie on guest vocals)
Heir Apparent
The Drapery Falls

requiem960 06-01-2008 09:23 PM

This show was absolutely fun. During Demon of the Fall, Mike Portnoy started throwing grapes and bread at the band members from off stage. Mike Åkerfeldt, being the comedian he is, made coments about Portnoy and improved a one line song called "Mike Portnoy's a Bitch." The lyrics were, "Mike Portnoy is a fucking bitch."

Portnoy also gave Åkerfeldt some pictures prior to going on stage. They were stuck on his monitor speaker infront of Åkerfeldt's mic. One was an autographed picture that read, "I <3 u, Luv, Mike Portnoy." Another picture was of a naked girl's a** that Åkerfeldt held up for the crowd to see. The last picture was a bukakki picture, which Åkerfeldt said, "We do not condone stuff like this, it's inappropriate and sick" in a very joking tone.

In the middle of Baying of the Hounds, Portnoy came out wearing a robe and a headband holding a utility broom; he started sweeping the food off of the floor. He took the broom and constantly ran into Åkerfeldt and Mendez. Portnoy turned around to Axe and started smacking his drum kit and cymbals with the broom! Portnoy eventually left the stage.

Opeth played In My Time of Need, and during the second chours LaBrie comes out in shorts and a jersey and escorts Mike Åkerfeldt off of the mic. He starts singing the rest of the song. When it was over, Mike says, "Who was that guy?" and called for security!

The next to songs went off without a hitch. But, during The Drapery Falls, Portnoy started closing the curtains on Opeth. He continued to raise and lower the curtains until Mike started singing. At the end of the show, Dream Theater ran out on stage and covered everyone in Opeth in Silly String. Åkerfeldt promised to pay Dream Theater back during their set!

Elvenking 06-02-2008 06:17 AM

see thats what more people need to do during shows, that sounds just entertaining for the eyes as it is for the ears.

SomewhereInTime72 06-02-2008 08:22 AM


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