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Spiral_Slave 05-15-2008 11:21 AM

Death Angel -- Seminole, Florida -- May 14th, 2008
Death Angel's first show in Florida in 18 years, and man were they on top of things. Fucking blew me away from start to finish. One of the major bonuses was that a few times I would scream " Carnival Justice! " between songs and Ted was like " Did you say Carnival Justice? Good. " And went over and talked to Mark. A few songs later, they announced that they were playing one off the new album that they weren't originally going to do, and it was Carnival Justice. Needless to say, I went apeshit and after the song Ted said " Thanks for letting us play that song man. " It was killer. After the show, I got picks from Ted and Rob as well as the setlist. My only major complaint was that the crowd was horrible. There was barely anyone there, and most were for God Forbid.


01. Lord Of Hate
02. Evil Priest
03. Buried Alive
04. Voracious Souls
05. Dethroned
06. Mistress Of Pain
07. Sonic Beatdown
08. When Worlds Collide
09. Kill As One
10. Carnival Justice ( Originaly on the set was " Bored / Discontinued " )
11. The Ultra-Violence / Seemingly Endless Time
12. Thrown To The Wolves

ADD 05-15-2008 01:53 PM

Nice! Hope we get "Carnival Justice" too.

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