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hot_turkey_ed 04-15-2008 09:27 PM

Talking Metal Podcast #200: Interviews w/ Ozzy & Kerry King
I'm probably the last asshole on this board to hear of these guys but Mark Strigl and John Ostronomy run a great metal podcast called Talking Metal. Fuse picked them last November and they now have a TV show of the same name. That's where I found them, dvr'ing a couple of episodes. Anyway, I listened to their 200th podcast and it was really damn good with interviews with both Ozzy Osbourne and Kerry King. It made for a great commute hour listen. I'm downloading the rest of them right now. Props to these guys for their podcast.

Check 'em out on iTunes or [url=http://www.striglsmusicnews.com/podcasts/talkingmetal/index.htm]here on their home page.[/url]

DethMaiden 04-16-2008 02:08 PM

Talking Metal is terrible.

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