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JuuKun 03-16-2008 11:07 AM

Soilwork -- Worcester, MA -- March 15th, 2008
Perfect way to spend my 16th birthday. Through the Eyes of the Dead had dropped off the night before, which was fine by me, and the show was opened by a local prog/thrash band named Hypersolid. Hypersolid, War of Ages, and Soilwork all kicked ass - during Throwdown I went and got shit signed by those three.

To me, this show was just what a show should be (aside from having a shitty headliner). It felt like a party to me, everyone just having fun and rocking out with the bands. There was only 300 people or so from what I saw, but the room was fairly small and it was just a great show. I know a lot of people hate where Soilwork is going these days music-wise, and obviously none of it's on par with stuff like The Chainheart Machine, but I think Sworn To A Great Divide is a fairly solid album. Different, but I like it - so I didn't mind the abundance of new tracks vs. only Bastard Chain off the first three albums as much as I thought I would.

01. Sworn To A Great Divide
02. As We Speak
03. One With The Flies
04. Bastard Chain
05. Exile
06. Rejection Role
07. As The Sleeper Awakes
08. Stabbing The Drama
09. Follow The Hollow
10. The Pittsburgh Syndrome
11. Nerve

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