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Spiral_Slave 03-09-2008 10:53 AM

Children Of Bodom -- London, UK -- March 8th, 2008
The setlist is out of order, except for the first, second, and last song, but all the songs are correct.

01. Sixpounder
02. In Your Face
03. Living Dead Beat
04. Follow The Reaper
05. Children Of Decadence / Chokehold ( Cocked 'N Loaded )
06. Everytime I Die
07. Mask Of Sanity / Deadnight Warrior
08. Needled 24/7
09. Hate Me!
10. Angels Don't Kill
11. Tie My Rope
12. Blooddrunk
13. Downfall

lakebod0m 03-10-2008 12:45 AM

Hmm actually that's not too fuckin bad. Mask of Sanity, Deadnight Warrior, AND Children of Decadence?

HannTu 03-11-2008 11:52 AM

Here's my review:


Setlist in order:
In Your Face
Living Dead Beat
Hate Me
Children of Decadence/Chokehold
Angels Donít Kill
Needled 24/7
Follow The Reaper
Tie My Rope
Every Time I Die
Mask of Sanity/Deadnight Warrior

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