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DarkTwilight 01-19-2008 12:50 PM

3 Inches Of Blood -- Philadelphia, PA -- January 18th, 2008
Last night at the TLA on south street was a night full of crazy shit metal mayhem and lots of fun had by everyone. The 4 bands playing were Decrepit Birth, Hate Eternal, 3 Inches of Blood, and The Black Dahlia Murder. How can you go wrong with a concert when you have names as painful sounding as them?

Decrepit Birth opened the show up. I never seen or heard them before, but they were pretty fucking sick. Better than most opening bands I've seen. Definitely a band I wouldn't mind see headline. Only thing bad about their set was it was so short. Next up was Hate Eternal. Great set, only problem was Eric, the singer/lead guitar player, was having some technical difficulties. His guitar sound kept cutting out, and he had to stop singing and playing to try to fix his shit. The rest of the band played on. He tried switching guitars, messing around with cables, but couldn't get the sound fixed. But this guy had some serious balls, he just kept playing with the fucked up guitar sound. He was determined to put on the best show possible, and wasn't going to stop a song and give the "sorry, technical difficulties" line. Killer set, regardless of whatever.

Next up was 3 inches of blood. This band is fucking crazy. If you never seen them, I strongly recommend you do, I can't even describe how good they are.

Night Marauders
Trial of Champions
Fear on the Bridge
Demons Blade
Goatriders Horde
Ride darkhorse ride
Forest King
Deadly Sinners

During BDM, I met the guys from 3iob, including the new drummer. Coolest guys I've ever met. Me and the bass player talked for maybe 30 minutes before he left us for the bar with the rest of the bunch. They told me they were planning on doing a headlining US tour this fall. Can't wait!

Bloodcurse 01-19-2008 03:36 PM

Was a good show. Only watched Decrepit Birth and Hate Eternal tho. Their setlists were:
Decrepit Birth:[/B]

Prelude to the Apocalypse
A Gathering of Imaginations (new)
Condemned to Nothingness
Diminishing Between Worlds (new)
...And Time Begins
Reflection of Emotions (new)

[B]Hate Eternal:[/B]

Bringer of Storms
Behold Judas
Powers That Be
King of All Kings

mankvill 01-19-2008 04:31 PM


[B]Hate Eternal:[/B]

Bringer of Storms
Behold Judas
Powers That Be
King of All Kings[/QUOTE]

:mad: I must know the entire setlist!

Axis_Of_Metal 01-20-2008 10:50 AM

I saw 3iob open for LoG on the ozz-fest off dates only played a few songs but still very enjoyable, big fan of these guys can't wait to see them again

lakebod0m 01-20-2008 11:53 AM

[QUOTE=mankvill;178192]:mad: I must know the entire setlist![/QUOTE]

Come onnn they have to have played I, Monarch..pleeease?

mankvill 01-20-2008 12:37 PM

[QUOTE=lakebod0m;178224]Come onnn they have to have played I, Monarch..pleeease?[/QUOTE]

Fuck that, I would give anything to have them play Catacombs.

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