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unuser71 12-15-2007 02:04 AM

Helloween -- Milan, Italy -- November 28th, 2007
one word: AMAZING, in the top 3 of all the concerts I have seen

2 hours set, catching scenes and lights and most of all the quality of the sounds, never heard so clearly in a live show..

Andi, Dani, Mischa, Sascha and Markus: thanks so much to make it happen!!

SETLIST (A little different from the 1st part of the tour)

1. Intro - crack the riddle
2. Halloween
3. Sole survivor
4. March of time
5. As long as I fall
6. We burn
7. A tale that wasn't right
8. The king for a 1000 years
9. Eagle fly free
10. The bells of the 7 hells
11. Doctor Stein
12. The Medley - great idea guys!! - (Perfect gentleman, I can, Where the rain grows, If I could fly, Keeper of the 7 keys)
(with Gamma Ray)
13. Future world
14. I want out



Bloodcurse 12-15-2007 07:13 AM

They should of played "Paint a New World" off the new record. That song is great!! Also should of played "Judas".

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