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Fe Maiden 12-14-2007 02:04 PM

Apocalypse Now
Greatest Movie Ever!!! Well, at least one of the best! Discuss!

DethMaiden 12-14-2007 07:27 PM

Probably holds the record for most times sampled by metal bands :tongue:

Great movie though, Brando's performance is nothing short of brilliant.

powerslave_85 12-14-2007 07:33 PM

Definitely one of the greatest movies ever made.

SomewhereInTime72 12-14-2007 08:53 PM

Amazing movie. :cool:

Maiden33 12-18-2007 07:53 AM

It somewhat inspired a great Maiden song.

zgodt 12-18-2007 08:10 AM

[QUOTE=Maiden33;175255]great, It inspired a somewhat Maiden song.[/QUOTE]

I rearranged for accuracy. ;)

Fe Maiden 12-20-2007 08:20 AM

[QUOTE=Maiden33;175255]It somewhat inspired a great Maiden song.[/QUOTE]Somewhat? The lyrics are practically lifted out of the movie dialogue!

SomewhereInTime72 12-20-2007 08:26 AM

[QUOTE=Fe Maiden;175386]Somewhat? The lyrics are practically lifted out of the movie dialogue![/QUOTE]

Yeah theres a few direct quotes. :eyes:

FerociousWillie 02-10-2008 10:04 AM

tha horror....tha horror.

brilliant movie.

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