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sylpriest 11-24-2007 12:15 PM

Clutch -- Orlando, FL -- November 19th, 2007
So there was no way I'm ever missing Clutch no matter who's playing. And let me say it was worth it all the way. It was sold out with 13 year old girls and 16 year old guys wishing they were 13 year old girls.

Bought my self a clutch flask which I've used quite alot :D and a shirt in medium. The last one. Thank God, I wasn't geeting stuck with another large again.

Now I kinda like the Fall of Troy but after that show I hate them. The singer is biggest show off ever. He's a great guitar player but can't sing and was bothered too much on showing off and doing stupid dance moves. The whole time a bunch of us chanting Clutch after every song.

Then finally the moment. I was literally about to erupt in happiness. Alot of Clutch fans marched into the standing area and all the emo/scene kids literally ran in fear. Then on marches the greatest frontman there is bar none. Chants of Clutch just erupt and then Burning Beard starts and the place just explodes. I'm not lying when I say little kids we're fleeing from the choas of the moshing and fans. Then I hear it, they start playing Sea of Destruction and I lost it. I've waited 2 years to hear my favorite song and I couldn't believe it. I was having the time of my life. King of Arizona is amazingly good live and when they played Progress I was like out of my mind. They played an amazing set and closed with Electric Worry. There were chants of Clutch all over the place. Afterwards I left and went outside and met Neil. He signed my Slow Hole to China and told me he'd see me in feb.

Here's the set

Burning Beard
Sea of Destruction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Slow Hole to China
King of Arizona
Never Be Moved
You Can't Stop Progress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Power Player
White's Ferry
Electric Worry/One Eyed Dollar

Best show ever? yes
45 mins enough? no


Derelict 11-24-2007 01:07 PM

They are doing a totally different setlist every night on this tour, its pretty cool...I hope they do a few off of robot hive when I see them on the 28th.

AllStar 11-24-2007 02:26 PM

Yeah, they've been switching up the set a little bit each time, but sticking with a lot of songs off Beale Street (Progress, Power Player, Electric Worry, One Eyed $).

I am seeing them headline their own show at the end of December in Connecticut, so I'm excited for a full set and decided to skip this tour when it came around.

Axis_Of_Metal 11-24-2007 11:22 PM

Was this the same tour with Coheed and Cambria? and if so how were they

sylpriest 11-25-2007 08:52 PM

[QUOTE=Bastard_Of_Bodom;173254]Was this the same tour with Coheed and Cambria? and if so how were they[/QUOTE]

Yeah it was. No clue, I hate the band so I left before them

ADD 11-25-2007 10:20 PM

Nice glad to see you went out to this man, we still got the better setlist in SF though :D

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