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deadhotready 11-17-2007 08:08 PM

Behemoth -- Philadelphia, PA -- November 17th, 2007
Beneath the Massacre didn't make it to this date - don't know why. Gojira opened up:

Ocean Planet
Wisdom Comes (pretty sure)
Flying Whales (shortened version without quiet intro)
Heaviest Matter of the Universe

Behemoth (aka slaughter-fest '07)

Rome 64 CE
Slaying the Prophets of Isa
Antichristian Phenomonon
Conquer All
Christgrinding Avenue
Slaves Shall Serve
Christians to the Lions
As Above So Below
(a way old school song, cant recall)
Decade of Therion
Chant for Ezkathon 2000 (war mask and max blood!)

mankvill 11-17-2007 08:56 PM

Was the way old school song "Summoning The Ancient Gods" or something like that?

deadhotready 11-17-2007 09:46 PM

ya that was the one, sounded pretty cool. i am only familiar with their shit back to satanica. i didnt stay for job for a cowboy but they had cameras set up for some sort of filming.

SomewhereInTime72 11-17-2007 10:12 PM

I can't wait for tomorrow.

LoveInSlowMotion 11-18-2007 07:16 AM

Fucking beat me too it. I left after Behemoth too. It was fucking amazing. I saw them at Ozzfest over the summer, and they were immeasurably better this time.

EDIT: Does anyone know what album Summoning of the Ancient Gods is off of? I could'nt find it on any of them.

girnny777 11-18-2007 08:36 AM

Summoning Of The Ancient Ones is off of the From The Pagan Vastlands demo.

insipidzombie 11-18-2007 08:43 AM

EDIT: Does anyone know what album Summoning of the Ancient Gods is off of? I could'nt find it on any of them.[/QUOTE]

Summoning of the Ancient Gods is just an extended version of the song "Summoning (of the Ancient Ones;" it has a long intro that the original doesn't have.

I'm not on my comp so I don't remember where the song originally appeared, but both versions can be found on the Demonica best of compilation.

DarkTwilight 11-18-2007 10:24 AM

I was also at this show. Props to Job for playing last, you let so many REAL metalheads who like REAL metal leave early and get an early start on their drinking/going to bed earlier. I got to meet Nergal without corpse paint, I have some pictures, I just need to wait for my friend to upload and email them, I'll post them later. But still a great show last.

theWolfisLOOSE 11-18-2007 11:57 AM

Yep, I was there too. Best Behemoth show I've seen so far (4th time). The energy of the crowd and overall atmosphere was unbelievable. What a relief JFAC headlined so everyone could leave... they were filming for their DVD there, its too bad more than half the people left! ;) Beneath the Massacre didn't play which was nice, but unfortunate for them cause their drummer had a death in his family, bit Gojira opened and killed it as usual. I don't think the song they played was Wisdom Comes though... On most sets it was Clone, I don't remember though. Awesome, except I lost my hoodie...

Best part was Behemoth throwing a bible into the crowd it being ripped to shreds! :horns:

DarkTwilight 11-18-2007 04:58 PM

I was standing there in the front when Nergal asked if there were any christians out there... I raise my hand and he looks right at me and starts tearing pages out of the bible and throws it right at me! What a night.. After the show Nergal told me there coming back with Dimmu Borgir in March.. if you've never seen either of them, its a show you MUST go to.


polish metal heads.

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