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ADD 10-26-2007 09:53 PM

Wooden Shjips -- San Francisco, CA -- October 26th, 2007
And no that wasn't a typo :cool: Went and saw these local acid folk/psychadelic/prog rockers tonight at Amoeba in SF, awesome set of totally trance-inducing 60's freakout shit. Four old bearded dudes, keyboardist, drummer, guitarist/vocalist, and bassist/trumpeter rounded out WOODEN SHJIPS (it's just pronounced "Ships" btw). Vocals were drenched in echo and reverb to give that weird otherworldly distant swirling feel to them, and the guitar playing was just out of this world. The way the songs would lock in with the rhythm section keeping a steady beat and the keyboards and guitars just totally going off made for a really powerful sound, especially when they would sometimes harmonize with each other. They cull such a wonderful atmosphere from their instruments too, it really transports you to a different place, which is why I'm hesitant to hear their recorded stuff because I don't think it would do the live show justice. The set seemed mostly improvised to me but apparently they have actually songs, a very 'loose' interpretation of songs though as they all sounded pretty similar. This is the kind of thing that would be ideal for experiencing while blazed, but sober it was still a killer set. Only complaint is I wish the drumming were more creative, it was too straight-forward for this kind of music and some variety would've been nice, but I guess it did help reinforce the hypnotic groove they had going on. Sick band, keep an eye and an ear out.

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