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ADD 10-10-2007 04:23 PM

Onslaught -- Killing Peace

[SIZE="4"][B]ONSLAUGHT-[/B] [I]Killing Peace[/I][/SIZE] [SIZE="4"](Candlelight Records)[/SIZE]

In keeping with the trend of 80's thrashers reuniting, England's ONSLAUGHT are back with [I]Killing Peace[/I], their first new album since 1989's highly underrated [I]In Search Of Sanity[/I]. Thankfully they haven't decided to go the groove metal/half-thrash metal approach, but this album definitely has a modern thrash feel that's reminiscent of new EXODUS, KREATOR, and DESTRUCTION. The guitars are super beefy, the drums loud and in-your-face, and the vocals are grittier than ever, all of this a far cry from their sound of old. Where the album falls short, however, has nothing to do with the fact that ONSLAUGHT have updated their sound. Hell, lots of people are even preferring new EXODUS to the older stuff. [I]Killing Peace[/I] just doesn't hold up with the essential riffage, and what's worse is that it even manages to fall flat lyrically, a very difficult feat to achieve in thrash of all genres. They just get to the point of being annoyingly bad and way too ridiculous for me. I'll listen to every cliche about thrashing, moshing, partying, metal, etc, but when they start spewing retarded, boring gibberish about hating religion (Christianity being the main target again), it causes me to roll my eyes more often than raise my fist. We only need one SLAYER guys, go back to screaming about thrashing 'till the death please. Anyhow back to the musical front; there's a few standout riffs on here for sure, but too much of it all starts to run together and by the end the record feels pretty unmemorable. Some catchy choruses are scattered throughout, but the effect of any cool vocal lines is generally killed by the utterly asinine lyrical content. I had hoped for a better comeback for ONSLAUGHT, but maybe they'll tighten things up for the next one. Highlights include the raging opener "Burn", "Pain", and even the title track manages awesomeness despite the kinda silly "SPITTING BLOOD IN THE FACE OF GOD!" part. Still, [I]Killing Peace[/I] is mostly a waste of time for those looking for some ripper modern thrash. Better luck next time.

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