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hot_turkey_ed 09-24-2007 12:32 PM

How To Post A Set List & Title Guidelines
METALSETLISTS welcomes all set lists, so long as they are even remotely metal. We've never been in the business of defining metal and are not going to start real soon. A lot of us post about the music that interests us and that takes the sites into genres like progressive. METALSETLISTS is as much about its members as it is the music and bands to which we all listen. Just remember, that ultimately this is a metal site.

METALSETLISTS doesn't try to track every single show on a tour. We just want to know what's being played.

Please source your set lists, so we not only know where the information comes from but so other web sites can get credit where credit is due. Like METALSETLISTS, many of those stay up because their owners have passion for metal.

Partial set list are welcome. Ditto for out of order. Just please mark them as such.

Historical set lists are welcome and appreciated.

Set lists from local bands and shows are welcome, even if it's your own band.

For the thread titles, please consider the following standards.

For concerts in the United States: Name of Headliner -- City, State_Abbreviation -- Full Month Day+(th/rd/st), year

ex: Iron Maiden -- Mountain View, CA -- June 1st, 2006
ex: Iron Maiden -- San Francisco, CA -- June 2nd, 2007
ex: Iron Maiden -- New York City, NY -- June 3rd, 2007
ex: Iron Maiden -- Los Angeles, CA -- June 4th, 2007

For concerts outside the United States: Name of Headliner -- City, Country -- Full Month Day+(th/rd/st), year

ex: Iron Maiden -- Berlin, Germany -- June 1st, 2005
ex: Iron Maiden -- Glasgow, United Kingdom -- June 2nd, 2006
ex: Iron Maiden -- Toronto, Canada -- June 3rd, 2006
ex: Iron Maiden -- Paris, France -- June 4th, 2006

We generally only put the headliner in the title. Support bands are shit out of luck. :fingers:

For metal festivals, please do something like:
ex: Ozzfest 2007 -- Mountain View, CA -- June 1st, 2007

If you're just reporting on one band at a festival, following the regular format of Band -- Location -- Date

Please post any questions or feedback, so I can modify the guidelines accordingly.

es156 02-05-2012 04:45 PM

More Info:

The set lists go into a database indexed by the thread title. So if the thread title is wrong the index is wrong. If the index is wrong the database becomes fragmented with orphaned records. This is why we want the thread titles to be correct. The ultimate goal is to keep the database healthy.

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