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Bloodcurse 09-16-2007 05:45 PM

Dream Black Sabbath set
First off, pick your favorite Sabbath vocalist and then go to town.

I pick Tony Martin

Headless Cross
Mob Rules
When Death Calls
Zero the Hero
War Pigs
Children of the Sea
Devil & Daughter
Neon Knights
The Sabbath Stones
Die Young
The Wizard
TV Crimes
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Heaven & Hell
Black Sabbath
------------------------2nd encore
Iron Man

Blitzkrieg Witchcraft 09-16-2007 07:31 PM

I'd have Dio singing songs off of [B]Seventh Star[/B]. Preferably [I]In for the Kill[/I] and [I]No Stranger to Love[/I].

yes, I know I'm weird. :D

ravenheart 09-17-2007 02:19 AM

Choosing between Dio and Martin is hard.

But for either of them:

The Headless Cross
Children of The Sea
Symptom of The Universe
Neon Knights
Turn Up The Night
Loser Gets It All
The Writ
The Shining
Disturbing The Priest
Tomorrow's Dream
The Sign of The Southern Cross
Heart Like A Wheel
Hole In The Sky
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Devil & Daughter
Computer God
Virtual Death
Johnny Blade
Into The Void
Falling Off The Edge of The World
When Death Calls
Heaven And Hell

metal_man1019 09-17-2007 09:21 AM

Ozzy has always been my favourite so ill pick him:

War Pigs
A National Acrobat
Electric Funeral
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Killing Yourself To Live
Fairies Wear Boots
Tomorrows Dream
Wheels Of Confusion
Behind The Wall Of Sleep/N.I.B
After Forever
Sabra Cadabra
The Wizard
Hole In The Sky
Sweet Leaf
Lord Of This World
Hand Of Doom
Sleeping Vilage/A Bit Of Finger/ The Warning
Under The Sun
Iron Man
Symptom Of The Universe
Black Sabbath
Dirty Women
Into The Void
--~Encore 2~--
Children Of The Grave

Yes I Realise Its Kinda Long...:horns:

metal_man1019 09-17-2007 05:05 PM

I like Dio alot to so heres one for him,ill choose only from Dio material

Die Young
The Mob Rules
Country Girl
Slipping Away
Time Machine
The Devil Cried
Over And Over
TV Crimes
Computer God
Children Of The Sea
Falling Off The Edge Of The World
Master Of Insanity
Shadow Of The Wind
Sign Of The Southeren Cross
Lonely Is The Word
Heaven And Hell
Turn Up The Night
After All
Neon Nights

Maiden33 09-18-2007 04:13 PM

Mine will be a combination of Dio and Martin material.

1.The Law Maker
2.Neon Knights
3.The Mob Rules
4.Devil and Daugther
5.Children of the Sea
6.Anno Mundi
8.Over and Over
9.When Death Calls
10.Feels Good to Me
11.Falling Off the Edge of the World
12.Call of the Wild
13.Computer God
14.Lonely is the Word
15.Odin's Court
17.The Headless Cross
18.Die Young
19.Heaven and Hell

metal_man1019 10-18-2007 09:25 AM

[QUOTE=ravenheart;167835]Choosing between Dio and Martin is hard.

But for either of them:



I just realized that your not talking about The Warning from Sleeping Village and A Bit Finger, but just Warning(which ive never heard) that was only released in the u.k...at least i think.

Human_Metal 10-18-2007 11:23 AM

Here's a set list with Tony Martin

1. Neon Knights
2. War Pigs
3. Children of the Sea
4. Computer God
5. Headless Cross
6. N.I.B
7. Crown of Thorns
8. I Witness
9. When Death Calls
10. The Sign of the Southern Cross
11. Anno Mundi
12. Tomorrow's Dream
13. Cornucopia
14. The Shining
15. Jerusalem
16. Falling Off the Edge of the World
17. The Battle of Tyr/ Odin's Court
18. Valhalla
19. Heaven and Hell
20. Black Sabbath
21. Children of the Grave

DethMaiden 10-18-2007 12:22 PM

I pick Ian Gillan.

Kidding of course.

JRA 10-18-2007 12:35 PM

[QUOTE=DethMaiden;170225]I pick Ian Gillan.

I'd pick him if he could scream like he could in 1972.

Seriously. :eyes:

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