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ADD 09-11-2007 03:03 PM

Nadja -- Thaumogenesis

[SIZE="4"][B]NADJA-[/B] [I]Thaumogenesis[/I][/SIZE] [SIZE="4"](Archive)[/SIZE]

NADJA are an ambient drone duo out of Toronto, Canada, and with their prolific work output it's hard to stay on top of what this guy and gal are up to at any given time. [I]Thaumogenesis[/I] is the first of many releases they've had this year, but it's also the only full-length non-collaborative effort they've done in 2007, which is why it interested me enough to check out. That and the fact that this 'album' consists of one song clocking it at just over one hour. NADJA's music is extremely difficult to experience, making it even harder to review. There is some music that can only be enjoyed under the proper circumstances and in the right mindset. "Thaumogenesis" has a distinct night-time aura to it, like traveling through deep space with a profound sense of weightlessness and emptiness. The music shifts from familiar post-rock soundscapes to simple ambiance created by keyboards, as well as some ridiculously fuzzed out heaviness that induces a sense of feeling the Earth's rotation, or like experiencing a snapshot of eternity, crawling along at an unbearably slow and interminable pace through a pitch black abyss. Still, "Thaumogenesis" doesn't really illicit feelings of hopelessness or depression; it's more like being reserved and even comfortable with the fact that you're just caught in this massive endless void with no chance of escape or relief, a feeling of necessary acceptance. It is also great meditative music, remaining throughout its duration simple, constant, and emotive. It's peaceful yet oppressive, uplifting yet melancholic. I'm not just throwing around adjectives and metaphors here to fill up space and conform to the usual overblown album review conventions in the hopes of convincing someone to check this out; this is really what the music sounds and feels like to me, and I'm sure it will resonate for many people. Like a lot of drone and ambient music, [I]Thaumogenesis[/I] can occasionally feel tedious at times, but I find that's only if I'm feeling restless already and am not in the right state to listen to it. I nevertheless hold that this is a beautiful work of art that can be a wonderful cathartic experience as well. Highly recommended. Also unfortunately I have no clue what the title means, but the cover art is just gorgeous.

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