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ADD 09-02-2007 07:15 PM

Novembers Doom -- The Novella Reservoir

[SIZE="4"][B]NOVEMBERS DOOM-[/B] [I]The Novella Reservoir[/I][/SIZE] [SIZE="4"](The End Records)[/SIZE]

Despite this being my first experience with NOVEMBERS DOOM, [I]The Novella Reservoir[/I] is an album that really made an impression on me beyond the usual 'Yeah, this is cool, next...' that I get so often with the unreal amount of new music I go through. I was expecting decent but forgettable melodic death-doom, and to some extent thats essentially what I got. However, when an album is honestly good its got some level of an unidentifiable quality going for it, and somehow I sense that with [I]The Novella Reservoir[/I]. The 'feel' of the record I suppose is was I'm trying to describe, though to be honest this isn't much of an atmospheric record to me. It's just got something to make me want to listen back more than a couple times. One of the most endearing aspects are the vocals I think; I'm a big fan of extremely guttural growling, and when the vocals are harsh thats usually the result, though sometimes they sound raspy and more akin to black metal almost. Still, there is use of well done clean vocals as well, so in that way it could be compared to OPETH (ultra deep growls/soft clean singing). Musically there are a lot of styles present, including many variations of doom metal plus elements of folk, death metal, and heavy metal. The production really helps bring out the stunning clarity and sharpness of the instruments, especially aiding the drums. This is an incredibly well-executed album that defies the genre it inhabits and pushes it to areas that I for one have not heard done in such a way before.

[I]The Novella Reservoir[/I] gets going right off the bat with the speedy "Rain", followed by the OPETH-like title track and the fantastic "Drown The Inland Mare", highlighted by a stunning solo section that recalls guitar heroes of the 80's before kicking back into the romping METAL CHURCH-esque main riff. The most ambitious song of the album follows in the form of a stunning acoustic tune "Twilight Innocence." Lyrically brilliant as well, the music has a great autumn feel to it throughout, and even a chord progression reminiscent of 70's WISHBONE ASH. Two decent heavier songs in "The Voice Of Failure" and "They Were Left To Die" come next, before the slightly more up-tempo "Dominate The Human Strain" comes in an kicks ass all over the place. Finally the album culminates with the proggy "Leaving This", delivered with a gothic doom feel and with some more memorable lyrics.

This was really a surprise album for me, and I'm sure those fans eagerly awaiting it were not disappointed in the least. [I]The Novella Reservoir[/I] is an enjoyable and memorable album that I could see fans of any kind of metal enjoying.

DethMaiden 09-04-2007 05:12 PM

Probably my favorite album of this mini-genre :fist:

zgodt 09-04-2007 06:42 PM

[QUOTE=ADD;166709]decent but forgettable melodic death-doom, and to some extent thats essentially what I got. [/QUOTE]

My review in a nutshell.

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