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Maiden33 08-31-2007 07:33 PM

Dream Edguy Set List
I think we may have had these a while back, I'm not sure. Either way, they seem to be well-liked on this board so here we go.

2.Golden Dawn
4.Wasted Time
6.We Don't Need a Hero
7.Arrows Fly
8.Fallen Angels
9.The Pharoah
10.The Asylum
11.Wings of a Dream
12.New Age Messiah
13.Vain Glory Opera
14.The Piper Never Dies
15.Tears of a Mandrake
16.Key to My Fate
17.Theater of Salvation
18.Out of Control

Elvenking 09-06-2007 03:50 PM

1. Hellfire Intro
2. Mysteria
3. Tears of a Mandrake
4. Until we rise again
5. Painting on the wall
6. Until we rise again
7. Breaking Away (they do play avantasia live sometimes)
8. Reach out for the light
9. Down to the devil
10. Walk on fighting
11. King of fools
12. Lavatory love machine.

It's short, I can't think of more right now though, I'd still die to see this.

Spiral_Slave 09-06-2007 08:09 PM

I guess I'll do another one...

Intro: The orchestral intro to NAM
01. New Age Messiah
02. We Don't Need A Hero
03. The Pharaoh
04. Save Me
05. The Headless Game
06. Down To The Devil
07. Wasted Time
08. The Piper Never Dies
09. How Many Miles
10. Sacrifice
11. Forever
12. Judas At The Opera
13. Nailed To The Wheel
14. The Devil And The Savant
15. Under The Moon
16. The Asylum
17. Fucking With Fire
18. Tears Of A Mandrake
19. Superheroes
20. Vain Glory Opera
21. Mysteria
22. Avantasia
23. King Of Fools
24. Out Of Control

Human_Metal 09-07-2007 07:59 AM

1. Under the Moon
2. Key to my Fate
3. Fallen Angels
4. Navigator
5. Mysteria
6. Hallowed
7. Tears of a Mandrake
8. Sign of the Cross (Avantasia)
9. Misguiding Your Life
10. Pharaoh
11. Wasted Time
12. Until We Rise Again
13. Jerusalem
14. Memory (Avantasia)
15. How Many Miles
16. Vain Glory Opera
17. Out of Control
18. Avantasia

joshuarain 09-13-2007 02:15 AM

1 mysteria
2 all the clowns
3 blessing in disguise
4 king of fools
5 avantasia
6 save us now
7 judas at the opera
8 lavatory love machine
9 roses to no one
10 the piper never dies
11 spooks in the attic
12 vain glory opera
13 we dont need a hero
14 navigator
15 no more fooling
16 nailed to the wheel
17 chalice of agony
18 down to the devil

DarkTwilight 10-16-2007 07:09 AM

Oh man, this is easy

Mysteria (w/intro)
Down to the Devil
The Pharoah
Under the Moon
Lavatory Love Machine
The Piper Never Dies
Nailed to the Wheel
The Headless Game
King of Fools
Land of the Miracle
Fucking with Fire

I don't think is something they would ever do, but this would be fucking cool =]

British Viking 03-21-2008 03:43 PM

1. The Healing Vision leading straight into Wake Up the King
2. Mysteria
3. Under the Moon
4. Sacrifice
5. Hallowed
6. Down to the Devil
7. The Unbeliever
8. The Piper Never Dies
9. Fallen Angels
10. Vain Glory Opera
11. Fairytale
12. Theater of Salvation
13. Arrows Fly
14. The Headless Game
15. King of Fools

Considering they only do 15 songs normally...

Maiden33 03-21-2008 08:24 PM

[QUOTE=British Viking;181594]
5. Hallowed
6. Down to the Devil
7. The Unbeliever
8. The Piper Never Dies
9. Fallen Angels
11. Fairytale
12. Theater of Salvation
13. Arrows Fly[/QUOTE]

Some really great underrated tracks in here! :party: :dance:

megadeth87 05-26-2008 01:45 PM

I think you'll find my set list very strange... because you will find some Avantasia's song.. but I also love the 1st Avantasia album.. I consider this one nearly like an Edguy album!!

1. Reach Out For The Light (Avantasia)
2. Serpents Of Paradise (Avantasia)
3. Tears Of A Mandrake
4. King Of Fools
5. Down To The Devil
6. Babylon
7. Deadmaker
8. Nailed To The Wheel
9. Final Sacrifice (Avantasia)
10. Sign Of The Cross (Avantasia)
11. Under The Moon
12. Headless Game
13. Vain Glory Opera
14. Wake Up The King
15. Key To My Fate
16. The Tower (Avantasia)
17. Avantasia (Avantasia)
18. Out Of Control

TheWildAndTheYoung 05-21-2013 09:06 PM

I have no freakin clue why I never got into Edguy until last week, but now I'm starting to really like them.Here's a set based on what I like so far:

1.Until We Rise Again
2.Rocket Ride
4.Nailed To The Wheel
5.Nobody's Hero
6.Wake Up Dreaming Black
7.Angel Rebellion
8.The Headless Game
9.Tears Of A Mandrake
10.Key To My Fate
11.Save Me
12.Walk On Fighting
13.King Of Fools
14.Land Of The Miracle
15.All The Clowns
16.We Don't Need A Hero
17.Come On Feel The Noize (Quiet Riot cover)
18.When A Hero Cries
19.Theater Of Salvation
[I]Dark Symphony[/I]
21.Arrows Fly
22.Save Us Now
24.Lavatory Love Machine

Probably way to much, but awesome nonetheless

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