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TheWhisper88 07-12-2007 07:23 PM

Concerts Attended
I was bored and looking through some old ticket stubs so I figure I make a thread about concerts you've attended in the past. This is probably pretty dumb and pointless but I'm bored so whatever....

[B]12/12/02-Claus-Fest[/B]; Nassau Collesium, Uniondale, NY (kinda sucked now that I think back....highlights I guess were Audioslave and QOTSA...even though I dont really listen to either of them anymore...)
[B]6/10/05-Judas Priest/Queensryche[/B]; PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ
[B]7/27/05-Ozzfest 2005[/B]; PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ (Sabbath cancelled, Maiden headlined...)
[B]10/6/05-Queensryche[/B]; State Theater, New Brunswick, NJ
[B]2/11/06-Billy Joel[/B]; Madison Square Garden, New York, NY (not really metal or anything...but my brother had a extra ticket...wasn't that bad either...)
[B]9/23/06-Queensryche[/B]; House Of Blues, Atlantic City, NJ
[B]9/27/06-DragonForce/All That Remains[/B]; Electric Factory, Philadelpia, PA
[B]9/29/06-DragonForce/All That Remains[/B]; Nokia Theater Times Square, New York, NY (a friend's mom got us backstage passes and we actually stood on the side of the stage while ATR were playing...some dickhead that works there kicked us out for DF....after the show we got some food across the street came out and saw the band just chilling on the street...pretty cool...chilled for like an hour..)
[B]10/6/06-Trivium[/B]; The Trocadero Theater, Philadelphia, PA
[B]10/7/06-Iron Maiden[/B]; Tweeter Waterfront Center, Camden, NJ
[B]10/13/06-Iron Maiden[/B]; Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, NJ
[B]11/3/06-Queensryche[/B]; Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA
[B]11/8/06-Queensryche[/B]; State Theater, New Brunswick, NJ
[B]12/8/06-In Flames/Lacuna Coil[/B]; Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ
[B]12/22/06-Twisted Sister[/B]; Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ
[B]5/4/07-Bullet For My Valentine/All That Remains[/B]; Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ (my girlfriend likes BFMV, I like ATR...so we went...just to clear that up...)
[B]5/19/07-Heaven And Hell/Megadeth[/B]; PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ

upcoming shows

[B]7/21/07-Queensryche [/B]instore perfromance & meet and greet; Looney Tunes, West Babylon, NY
[B]8/7/07-Deep Purple/Thin Lizzy[/B]; Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY
[B]8/24/07-Dream Theater[/B]; PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ (maybe)
[B]9/8/07-Heaven And Hell/Alice Cooper/Queensryche[/B]; Nikon Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, NY
[B]9/26/07-Megadeth[/B]; The Fillmore Theater At Irving Plaza, New York, NY (maybe)

I realize most people probably have been to more shows that this but I only really started going recently...well have fun remembering back..sorry if this is a dumb idea...

DethMaiden 07-12-2007 08:15 PM

I have a list but they're all intermixed with the setlists, so I dunno, I may post later. I know I've been to 23 though.

ChildrenofSodom 07-12-2007 08:41 PM

Hmm...A challenge....I'm only gonna include metal shows that were part of national tours.

[B]12/4/15--Trans-Siberian Orchestra[/B]; Nutter Center, Dayton, OH
[B]5/11/06--In Flames, Nevermore, Evergrey[/B];Bogart's, Cincinnati, OH
[B]6/6/06--Metal Crusader's Tour[/B]; Bogart's, Cincinnati, OH
[B]7/14/06--Mouth of the Architect[/B]; The Roundhouse, Tipp City, OH
[B]8/19/06--Kenoma;[/B] Stillwater Photography, Troy, OH
[B]9/16/06--Mastodon[/B]; Bogart's, Cincinnati, OH
[B]9/23/06--Gigantour[/B]; Nationwide Arena, Cincinnati, OH
[B]11/12/06--Trans-Siberian Orchestra[/B]; Nutter Center, Dayton, OH
[B]11/18/06--Queensryche[/B]; Covington, KY
[B]12/1/06--Sepultura w/ Sworn Enemy[/B]; Al Rosa Villa, Columbus, OH
[B]12/16/06--In Flames w/ Lacuna Coil and The Sword[/B]; Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH
[B]1/8/07--When the Tigers Broke Free[/B]; Stillwater Photography, Troy, OH
[B]1/13/07--Reaper;[/B] The Avenue, Tipp City, OH
[B]2/8/07--Mastodon;[/B] Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH
[B]3/3/07--Gathiens w/ Other Post Rock bands[/B]; Stillwater Photography, Troy, OH
[B]5/8/07--Heaven and Hell[/B]; US Bank Arena, Cincinatti, OH
[B]5/27/07--When the Tigers Broke Free[/B]; Studio 54, Dayton, OH

Future/Hopeful Concerts-

[B]7/27/07--Clutch[/B]; Bogart's, Cincinnati, OH
[B]8/4/07--Don Caballero[/B]; Walnut Hills Bar, Dayton, OH
[B]8/8/07--Ozzfest; Germaine Ampitheatre[/B], Columbus, OH
[B]8/25/07--Men As Trees[/B]; Matt Evans Photography, Dayton, OH
[B]9/1/07--Rush[/B]; Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati, OH
[B]9/12/07--Katatonia[/B]; Peabody's, Cleveland, OH
[B]9/22/07--Megadeth[/B]; Newport Music Hall, Columbus, OH
[B][B]5/11/08[/B]--King Diamond[/B]; Harpo's, Detroit, MI

Blitzkrieg Witchcraft 07-12-2007 09:04 PM

too many to list. Suffice to say I've seen most all the major metal acts over the years. At least most of the ones from the 80's and 90's. Went to my first metal concert in 1984.

SomewhereInTime72 07-12-2007 09:05 PM

[B]7/27/05-Ozzfest 2005[/B]; PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ (Sabbath cancelled, Maiden headlined...)[/QUOTE]

Heyhey, I was there too.

I'm too lazy, but heres a list of bands I've seen, copied from another forum.

Deadsy (awful)
Puddle Of Mudd (horrible)
Korn (twice)
Trust Company (surpisingly not bad)
Disturbed (same as Trust Co.)
Mudvayne (twice)
Deftones (they sucked, and it really disappointed me)
Linkin' Park (also not bad)
Limp Bizkit (awful. just fucking awful)
Motorhead (So sad I missed the first song but fuck* they were awesome)
Iron Maiden (FOUR times <3 \m/)
Arch Enemy (twice)
As I Lay Dying (pretty bad)
In Flames (twice)
Megadeth (twice)
Queensryche (Twice \m/)
Judas Priest (\m/)
Mastodon (\m/!!!)
Black Label Society (awful)
Shadows Fall (meh)
Bobaflex (wtf)
Dry Kill Logic
Symphony X (twice \m/)
Dream Theater (um, the drum solo was entertaining lol)
Into Eternity
Stratovarius (Twice! \m/)
Trivium (awful)
Children Of Bodom (Twice, the second time they were blech)
Foreigner (Fuck yes!)
Tony Levin Band
Operatika (Holy shit they are sucky nightwish clones)
Isis (Incredibly impressive for such a short set)
Bullet For My Valentine (why the **** is this band signed)
Sanctity (Metallica worship with breakdowns? =/)
Amon Amarth (Twice :viking: )
Bleed The Dream (tight emo pants)
Fair To Midland
Dir en grey
Adrian Belew (a god)
Yoshida Brothers

ADD 07-12-2007 09:20 PM

I'll just do what SomewhereInTime72 did, can't remember all the shows. First one was Tool with Tomahawk in July 2002 though. I'll include las many local bands as I can remember for the hell of it, just to be more comprehensive :D

De La Fuente (7 times)
Iron Maiden (3 times)
Tool (3 times)
Queensryche (2 times)
Dio (2 times)
Megadeth (2 times)
Arch Enemy (2 times)
Ederus (2 times)
Asylum (2 times)
Element 94 (2 times)
Careful Dane (2 times)
Trans Siberian Orchestra (2 times)
Heaven & Hell
Machine Head
Fireball Ministry
Death And Revenge
Hell's Wrath
Lamb Of God
Ulysses Siren
Warning SF
Avenger Of Blood
Judas Priest
Cardboard Vampyres
Red Sparowes
William Elliot Whitmore
Paco De Lucia
True At Heart
3 Inches of Blood

I'm pretty sure that covers it, I'll edit this if I remember more.

TheWhisper88 07-12-2007 09:25 PM

[QUOTE=SomewhereInTime72;161975]Heyhey, I was there too.[/QUOTE]

Cool...did you have seats or were you on the lawn...I had lawn and made sure I was dead center on the railing for Maiden...kinda sucked when it poured during Mudvayne though....

powerslave_85 07-12-2007 09:29 PM

I'll give this a shot. There are some shows I don't have tickets stubs for, so I'll have to guess on the approximate date. I hope I don't forget any.

Sept 21 (?) 2001 - Blink 182/New Found Glory/Midtown (Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Phoenix AZ)

October 18, 2001 - P.O.D./Fenix TX/Blindside (Web Theater, Phoenix AZ)

December 17, 2001 - Trans-Siberian Orchestra (Gammage Auditorium, Tempe AZ)

September 5, 2002 - Ozzfest (Cricket Pavillion, Phoenix AZ)

August 22, 2003 - Iron Maiden/Dio/Motorhead (Cricket Pavillion, Phoenix AZ)

December 7, 2003 - Trans-Siberian Orchestra (Dodge Theater, Phoenix AZ)

February 2004 - Coheed & Cambria (The Rock, Tucson AZ)

March 29, 2004 - Yellowcard/Something Corporate (Rialto Theater, Tucson AZ)

April 15, 2004 - NOFX/Alkaline Trio/Jello Biafra (Rialto Theater, Tucson AZ)

May 2004 - Iced Earth/Children of Bodom/Evergrey (Venue of Scottsdale, Scottsdale AZ)

June 19, 2004 - P.O.D./Blindside (Marquee Theater, Phoenix AZ)

September 2, 2004 - Tsunami Bomb (The Rock, Tucson AZ)

February 8, 2005 - Rise Against/Tsunami Bomb (The Rock, Tucson AZ)

February 14, 2005 - Queensryche (TCC Music Hall, Tucson AZ)

April 2, 2006 - Alkaline Trio/Against Me! (Marquee Theater, Tempe AZ)

April 29, 2006 - KFMA Day (Tucson Sports Park, Tucson AZ)

September 11, 2006 - Lamb of God/Opeth (Rialto Theater, Tucson AZ)

February 17, 2007 - AFI/Sick of It All (Rialto Theater, Tucson AZ)

March 19, 2007 - Against Me! (The Rock, Tucson AZ)

April 10, 2007 - Talib Kweli/Sugarcult (Centennial Hall, Tucson AZ)

I THINK that's it. If I remember any more, I'll add them. And don't even think about giving me shit about Yellowcard. I was bored and my roommate was going, so I tagged along. I definitely regret it.

DethMaiden 07-12-2007 09:31 PM

Sep. 26, 2003- Good Charlotte, Mest, Something Corporate
Aug. 22, 2005- Ted Nugent, Thruster
Sep. 28, 2005- Queensr˙che
Dec. 4, 2005- Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Feb. 21, 2006- Opeth, Dark Tranquillity, The Devin Townsend Band
Apr. 6, 2006- Rob Zombie, Lacuna Coil, Bullet for My Valentine
Apr. 18, 2006- Slave to the System, Fall of Man, Varian
Jun. 6, 2006- Vader, Kataklysm, Destruction, Speed/Kill\Hate, Graveworm
Jul. 14, 2006- Mouth of the Architect, Kenoma, Harlots, Law Is Dead
Aug. 19, 2006- Kenoma, Sparrows Swarm and Sing, Romance of Young Tigers
Sep. 16, 2006- Mastodon, Converge, The Bronx
Sep. 23, 2006- Megadeth, Lamb of God, Opeth, Arch Enemy, Overkill, Into Eternity, Sanctity, The Smashup
Nov. 12, 2006- Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Nov. 18, 2006- Queensr˙che
Dec. 1, 2006- Sepultura, Sworn Enemy, Diecast, Suicide Silence, X-Factor 1, Blackened Dawn, Every Intention
Jan. 8, 2007- Of Brothers and the Bear, Romance of Young Tigers, The Ascent of Everest, The Juniper Wait, When the Tigers Broke Free
Jan. 13, 2007- Reaper
Feb. 8, 2007- Mastodon, Converge, Priestess
Feb. 28, 2007- Clutch, Five Horse Johnson, Dub Trio
Mar. 3, 2007- Gathiens, Men As Trees, When the Tigers Broke Free, Of Brothers and the Bear
May 8, 2007- Heaven and Hell, Megadeth, Machine Head
May 27, 2007- When the Tigers Broke Free
Jun. 29, 2007- Tool, Big Business

powerslave_85 07-12-2007 09:35 PM

Sep. 16, 2006- Mastodon, Converge, The Bronx
Feb. 8, 2007- Mastodon, Converge, Priestess
So. Fucking. Jealous.

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