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ravenheart 07-02-2007 02:57 AM

Powerwolf - Lupus Dei
It hasnít taken long for Powerwolf to follow up their 2005 debut [I]Return In Bloodred[/I]; an album which surprised many upon release. Most of the rest of that year, and two-thirds of 2006 saw them touring relentlessly, including several major festival appearances and a massive European tour supporting [B]Gamma Ray[/B], and this album was subsequently recorded in late 2006.

Recorded, no less, in a 12th Century chapel. Quite. [I]Lupus Dei [/I]picks up immediately where [I]Return In Bloodred [/I]left off, but in places expands on the sound, adding a classical choir on a couple of songs and developing slightly different arrangements. At higher speeds thereís really not much to set them apart from their peers, but in certain cases they show an originality lacking from other areas of the genre.

All in, Powerwolf are a mix of [B]Hammerfall[/B]ís music, [B]Lordi[/B]ís lyrics and vocals which sound very much as I imagine Michael Poulsen of [B]Volbeat[/B] would sound if singing power metal. Anthemic in the extreme, tracks like [I]We Take It From The Living[/I], and [I]Prayer In The Dark [/I]are guaranteed to raise fists and bang heads in a live setting. Stomping numbers like these are unfortunately unbalanced by a couple of incredibly lame attempts at a similar effect in [I]Saturday Satan [/I]and the utter nonsense of [I]Mother Mary Is A Bird of Prey[/I], which I can only assume has a meaning that has been lost in the translation.

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